PSR Performers

Who Are The Performers?

Over the years 110 PSR Performers have provided PSR Tutorial visitors with an incredible library of songs (5,500+ MIDI files and 5,300+ MP3 files) recorded on the various Yamaha arranger keyboards. You may be surprised at the wide spectrum of people who play and enjoy the Yamaha arranger keyboards.  Some play by ear, some sight read, some use the full-fingered chord technique, some use only single-finger chords, some perform in public, others just play at home, but in all cases, they produce some wonderful music. Each performer's page has a short biography and photograph of the player.  You may now have a chance to put a face to a name you are familiar with from the various Yamaha discussion forums.

All of the currently active (those who have provided songs in the past two years) PSR Performers are shown in the sidebar here (as well as on every PSR Performer page). Click on the any of the PSR Performer names and you will jump directly to that Performer's page where you have access not only to the current volume of midi songs but all earlier volumes as well. You also have access to various MP3 files provided by the performer. There are over 2,800 MP3s here that you can preview and/or download.

You will find a "next" and "previous" button on each performer page that will allow you to step through all the current performers one-by-one (in alphabetical first-name order) if you prefer to browse the performers that way.

There are 43 additional performers available in the Performer Archive section. These are performers who have not added songs to their page in the last couple of years. You will find some great artists in these archives and you have access to all of their midi files plus a good sampling of their MP3 files. There are an additional 276 MP3s found in the archives section. Performers in the archives are shown in the table below and again on each archived performer page in a left-hand menu bar.

67 Current PSR Performers, by Keyboard

- Tyros5 -
Bob McKinney
Eileen Lowry
Franco Tancredi
James Gracey
Mike Cyr
Morrie Reece
Richard Losper
Stephem Molnar
Udo Becker

- TYROS4 -
Deane Peters
Don Valentine
John Vishnoff
Ken Stenzel
Mark Styles
Nick Van Zutphen
Oz & Sandra
Peter Gasser
Roger Brenizer
Ron Jubenville
Ton Anthonie
Torben Goldin

- TYROS3 -
Dave Church
David Laplante
Janet Griffin
Jim Laing
Joe Waters
Neal Saunders
Pedro Eleuterio

- TYROS2/1 -
Kees Schouten
Kieth Osborne
Vince Andreone

- PSR-S950/S750 -
Craig (Keyboardist)
David Kennedy
Grant Cantrill
Sunny Haddleton

- PSR-S910/S710 -
Bill McCracken
Gloria Hanson
Jack Williamson
Joseph Hart
Larry Tyler
Manoj Yarashi
Mark Chapman
Pat Harman
Patricia Jacobsen
Patrick Hannequin
Richard Kent
Royce Mosgrove
Steen S Rasmussen

- PSR-S900 -
Brian Miles
Diana Villafane
John Phillips
Judy Short
Lynn Rae Couch

- PSR-3000/1500 -
Chris Bell
Del Kay
Ernst Mulder
Frank Filipo
Gary Diamond
Gary Kilby
Jerry Ernst

- PSR-2000/2100 -
Gary Coupe
Larry Warner

- PSR-740/730 -
Laura R Mitchell

- CVP models -
Bob K
Clem Ebber
Ken Toone

43 Archived Performers

Alan Paganelli-T1
Alex Green-T4
Alex Kruger-C3
Ben Corsetti-T1
Bill Mulholland-T1
Bill Venice-T3
Bob Boyd-3k
Bob Gelman-630
Brian Haylett-T2
Bruce Milne-T3
Chico Brazil-900
Chuck Hunt-T2

Cynthia Cooke-91
David Bate-3k
Dave Edwards-3k
Dennis Hooker-3k
Eddie Shoemaker-3k
Frank Blecha-3k
Hal Eaton-3k
Harry BrownRigg-21
Heikki Kahkola-3k
Hermann Schunk-T2
Jaap Poetsma-2k

Jannie Kroese-T2
Joe Francis-74
John Radford-T2
Julio Cazes-S9
Larry Gard-2k
Marcelo Gaspar-3k
Mike Clarke-S9
Mike MacDonald-3k
Mike Szmania-91
Paul Jackson-2k

Phil Hall-T1
Rich Herzog-15
Richard Peck-T1
Robert Lauzon-T1
Spike Hindley-2k
Susie Drage-T4
Warren Peters-3k
Will Stewart-2k

Are There Songs For My Keyboard?

Initially, performers were recording primarily on the PSR-2000, but over time, new keyboards were acquired and new Performers were added. Today, you will find songs recorded on almost all of Yamaha's arranger keyboard lineup including the top-of the line models (Tyros5, Tyros4, Tyros3, Tyros2, Tyros1, and 9000Pro) as well as the intermediate models (PSR-S970, PSR-S950, PSR-S910, PSR-S900, PSR-3000, PSR-2100, PSR-2000, and PSR-740). We even have songs recorded on Clavionva models. Download the midi files created on your keyboard model and they will sound exactly like the performer was sitting in your room playing the song. Of course, midi files are usually very general and any Yamaha instrument can play any of the midi files in the library. If the midi file uses some preset instruments that are not in your particular keyboard model, you can always use Michael Bedesem's MidiPlayer program to convert the midi file for use on your keyboard..

The midi files are meant to be played on a Yamaha keyboard -- they will not sound good played on your computer. Even if you don't have any Yamaha keyboard, however, you can still enjoy songs here that have been recorded and saved as MP3 files. The MP3 files can be played in your computer or MP3 player and will sound very much like the original sound coming from the Yamaha keyboard. Many performers have an MP3 "Jukebox" on their page where you can listen directly to their latest MP3 recordings. The songs are also listed in an alphabetical MP3 index on the performer's page where you can audition and/or download the MP3 file.

How Can I Hear the Songs?

As mentioned above, if a player happens to have a Jukebox on the page, you can hear any of the songs in the Jukebox by clicking on that song name in the Jukebox window and it will play directly on your computer. This direct play works fine for high-speed connections, but if you have a slow dial-up line, you may prefer to download the song to hear it on your own computer.

MIDI songs are provided in "volumes" of 10 songs each. The most recent volume for each performer is shown directly and any song in that volume can be auditioned by clicking on the song name. You will hear the song played on your computer, but this often does not do the song justice since computers can not replicate the sound of a Yamaha keyboard. You can download the midi file and then move it to your keyboard and listen to it on your own keyboard. If you click on the Volume Number, you can download all 10 songs in a single zip file. In this case, you must unzip the file to get to the original midi files it contains.

MIDI Song Index

All earlier songs by each performer are available individually or in a zipped file of many songs. Toward the bottom of the performer's page is a collapsible banner labeled "XXX's MIDI Song Index (click to open or close)" where XXX is the performer's name. By default this banner is closed. Click on it to open it. (Click again to close it.) When opened, you will see a table that lists all of the midi songs from this performer. Available zip files are shown at the end of the introductory paragraphy above the full midi table. Because midi files are so small, the zip files that contain all the styles are also relatively small and easily downloaded.

There are over 5,500 songs in the archive of midi files created by the PSR Performers. You'll find an index to all the songs in the "Midi Files" section in the second navigation bar at the top of this page. Of course, finding and downloading all of these songs can be a huge chore. If you are interested in midi files, note that most of the PSR Performer midi files are available in the MIDI Library as well as on the 2012 Lessons Collection.

MP3 Song Index

Performers who have contributed MP3 files also have an MP3 Song Index on their page where you can audition and/or download any of their MP3 files. A "Jukebox" on the page holds all the performer songs with the most recent songs at the top of the list. You can listen to them online while you read the page or visit other web pages. An alphabetical index of all of the online MP3 files is available in the "MP3 Files" section in the second navigation bar at the top of this page.

If you are interested in becoming a PSR Performer, please send email to Joe Waters ( with some sample midi or MP3 files.