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Bill Mulholland

(Aug, 2009) My name is Bill Mulholland and I was born in 1932 just outside Glasgow Scotland. I have been married for 54 years and have a family of three boys and 2 girls, eleven grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren with one on the way. I retired early from my job as an electrician due to back problems -- don't get around much any more, sound familiar?

Musical Background: My first instrument was an accordion when I was 15. I went for lessons for about six months but decided all these lines with golf clubs hanging from them was not for me (bad mistake!) I ended up with big ears. When I was 18, I got myself a top-of-the-range 120 bass piano accordion and paid it off playing in pub lounges, weddings, scottish country dancing and anything that came along. I swapped my old faithful tape recorder for an acoustic guitar and teamed up with two cousins and a friend to form a sort of folk group. My two cousins and myself formed a 3-part hamony and my friend, apart from being a good singer, knew all the songs that had originated from the loch side and he sang lead. (The lyrics and songs all originated from village names around Loch Lomond). We also did a bit of country and western. I also played mouth organ and sometimes used my old box. It was great fun and I enjoyed every minute.

My first encounter with keyboards was a PSR-730. I had some idea of using the styles with my accordion experience but, when I got it home, I just fell in love with it -- all those styles and beautiful instruments. Imagine my surprise at my first family gathering with my lovely 730. There was me thinking I was the bees knees, but after about 10 minutes the reaction was "au dad switch that thing off and put your box on." Not to be fogged off with there comments,, I went out and bought myself the 9K. and, three years later when it came out, a Tyros.

I still have my three keyboards. My best bit of luck was when I was getting a bit fed up listening to myself, I met a chap at a wedding and he told me about the PSR Tutorial website. When I logged on, I could not believe my luck, finding a site dedicated to the PSR keyboards. So much technical know how and so many great players with thousand of songs with great arrangements. I would like to thank you, Joe, and everybody who has participated in building this site.

Bill Mulholland

MIDI Songs

You can download all of Bill's MIDI songs here:

Title T TS L C Style V K
Can't Help Falling In Love 62 4/4 N Y 6-8Orchestral 01 T1
Deep Purple 81 4/4 N Y SwingFox 01 T1
Games That Lovers Play 108 4/4 N Y GypsyRumba 01 T1
I Wish You Love 82 4/4 N Y TapDanceSwing 01 T1
I'm Getting Sentmental Over You 79 4/4 N Y MovieSwing 01 T1
Jacqueline Waltz 181 3/4 N N Band-in-Box style 01 T1
Lady Is A Tramp 144 4/4 N Y OrchBigBand1 01 T1
Misty 78 4/4 N Y MovieSwing 01 T1
Red Roses For A Blue Lady 110 4/4 N Y TapDanceSwing 01 T1
Smoke Gets In Your Eye 80 4/4 N Y Lounge Piano 01 T1