Styles (and Other Files) for your Yamaha keyboard

There are many sites on the internet where you can download files that can be used with the PSR keyboards. Our Links section will point you to some of the best. In the downloads provided at this site, we initially focused on files specifically designed for or tuned-to the PSR-2000. Over the years, we have expanded considerably and now you will find files you can use on any of the mid-range Yamaha arranger keyboards (PSR-730 to PSR-S970) or on the high-end arranger keyboards (PSR-8000 to Tyros5).


This part of the PSR Tutorial includes five major sections, each of which may contain one or more subsections. The "Style" sections are shown in the first four tabs at the top of each page. The fifth tab, "Other Files", is for other files that you may want for your keyboard such as registrations or MusicFinder databases. Use these tabs to jump immediately to the section you are interested in. A brief description of each section is provided below. You will also often find a "navigator" shown in a sidebar on the left side of the page. It shows the major subsections and provides another "quick link" to help you find what you are looking for. Before long you'll have found the style and sound that sounds just right coming out of your speakers or your headphones. Just browse around and, like all good musicians, experiment until that perfect sound hits your eardrums. Click on the "Introduction" link in any of the sidebars to return to this home page.

64,000 Styles

  • Yamaha Style Files - (23,000 styles) This section is organized by Yamaha arranger keyboard model in a chronological order starting with the PSR-730 introduced in 1997 and extending to the current top-of-the-line models, the Tyros5, introduced in 2013, and the new PSR-S970 introduced in 2015. The primary focus is, of course, on styles, both the original styles that came with that model as well as other style sets that have been specifically "tuned" for use on that model.
  • Gig Disks - (7,000 styles) Many users find traditional style names uninformative. They prefer styles named with a suitable song name. That is the essence of the "Gig Disks" put together by Gary Diamond and many others. Just load the "song" you want and the keyboard is instantly set up to sound great for that song. Gig Disks were initially designed to fill a floppy disk with styles (songs) that would be used when a performer was playing a particular gig. Recent keyboards with USB connections are no longer limited to a floppy disk for style input and so it is possible to have many more styles instantly available. This section also includes a huge collection of gig disk songs from Tom's Gig Disk Library, which holds nearly 2,000 styles. Tom used this as his source when putting together individual playing "gig" disks.
  • Style Collections - (32,000 styles) Some PSR owners spend a lot of time collecting styles from the internet and saving the best that they find. You will find several such style collections in this section. Some players not only collect styles, but they do a lot of "tweaking" to rework styles to their own liking or keyboard. Style sets from several style "converters" are also available here. Finally, Onacimus has painstakingly converted many of the original Yamaha style sets for use on later (or earlier) keyboards. His conversions are all here as well.
  • Styles from Other Keyboards - (1,400 styles) You do not have to limit yourself to only those styles created by Yamaha. Styles from other arranger keyboards, although not directly usable on a Yamaha keyboard, can be converted for use on PSR keyboards. Hundreds of styles from Technics, Roland, Ketron, and Korg keyboards have been converted and re-tuned for use on Yamaha keyboards.

Other Files

  • Music Finder Files - One of the really nice features of the PSR mid- and upper-level keyboards is the Music Finder system, which gets its information from a Music Finder Database (".mfd" file).  Each PSR and Tyros model includes a preset Music Finder database, usually with altered song names. However, users can modify or add records to this database and even replace it with an entirely new database. This section provides a variety of different Music Finder databases including databases with the "correct" song titles for each of the PSR/Tyros keyboards. Music Finder database are keyboard specific, but Michael Bedesem's MusicFinderView program can be used to not only edit the database on your PC, but also to convert a database from one keyboard for use on a different target keyboard.
  • Registration Files - Want to set up your PSR or Tyros with your very own favorite set of instruments and/or styles with just the press of a single button?  That's what registration files are for and you will find several useful files here.  Registration files are machine specific. Registration files here are provided for the PSR-2000/2100, PSR-3000, and Tyros keyboards.
  • Voice Files - You know you can add styles to your PSR or modify the styles that are already there.  Well, you can also modify the preset voices that are supplied with the machine.  Scott Langholff has generously provided us with his collection of 100 voices arranged in "Category Presets."  Mike has also provided a number of custom voices for Tyros owners. These voices may also work on other PSR and Tyros keyboards. These "custom" voices are not new voice samples, which only some high-end models can handle. When a user modifies a preset voice, the modifications are changes to some of the basic parameters that go to making up the voice that is heard. Only these parameter changes are saved as the custom voice, that is, the preset voice in the keyboard is loaded, and then the changes are made to the default parameters. Later keyboards have more realistic voices provided in the set of preset voices in the keyboard's firmware. These voices, which usually contain much large voice samples, can not be duplicated on earlier keyboards.
  • Multipad Files - Songs can be greatly enhanced by the Multipads supplied with your PSR.  Here, too, you can load in additional multipads and thus expand the options available. You will find many additional multi pad files provided by Leo Dunne and Vince Lutz on the Multi Pad file pages.

This page updated on March 5, 2019 .