Songs (Midi & MP3) for your PSR/Tyros

What is a keyboard for, after all? Creating music! Songs of whatever type you may want. Of course, one great advantage of the Yamaha arranger keyboards is that not only can you use them to play your song, you can record that song right on your keyboard and then replay it whenever you want. Not only that, but you can save that song file you created and share it with others who can then play it on their keyboards and it will be just like you were in the room providing the entertainment! The files that you create on your Yamaha are called MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files. On the newer instruments, you can also create WAV files that, in turn, can be saved as MP3 files. MP3 files are compressed audio files that will let listeners hear a reproduction of the original song recording even if they do not have a Yamaha keyboard or any keyboard for that matter. In this section of the PSR Tutorial you will find over 5,700 midi files and over 3,200 MP3 files that you can listen to and and/or download to your own systems.

Our "Songs" section is divided into five sub-sections.

  • Performers - We wouldn't have any songs if we didn't have PSR Tutorial "Performers" to record and share their music. Over the years, many people have joined the ranks of the PSR Performers and added their contributions to the web site. Some of the performers are professional musicians, some play gigs primarily for fun, some do not play in public at all, but are talented home players. Men and women, young and "senior", working and retired, a great mix of talent and people and instruments. Each performer has their own page where you can listen to and download their songs. You will also find a brief musical biography and one or more photos of the performer. Performers are listed alphabetically by first name and a navigational bar on the left side of each page lets you jump to any other performer's page. Next and Previous buttons on each page let you navigate to the next or previous performer. The current keyboard for each performer is indicated by an icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • Midi Files - There are well over 5,000 midi files found in the PSR Tutorial archives. You can see each performer's files on their page. But, if you are not interested in any particular performer, but are interested in a particular song, then this section is for you. All of the midi songs are listed alphabetically by song title. Looking for "In the Mood"? Just go to the "I" page and scroll down until you find (the many recordings and variations) of that song. The tables here indicate the performer and volume number so you can easily go to that performer page and download the appropriate volume.
  • MP3 Files - Performers have a "Jukebox" on their page where you can listen to their songs right on your computer or download that song to listen to in your computer or your MP3 player. This section provides an alphabetical list of all the Performer songs, as well as all the other MP3 files found on this site. There is a link for each file so you can download the MP3 if you are interested. Note that hundreds of MP3s are available on the PSR Tutorial Songs 2017 Collection and the Songs 2013 Collection.
  • Yamaha - Over the years, Yamaha has provided some midi files freely to keyboard owners. You'll find those files on this page. The Yamaha page also includes a Jukebox so you can sample some of the files to see what they are like.
  • Christmas - Every year Christmas songs become an important part of the keyboard players arsenal. For several years, PSR Tutorial Members have contributed Christmas songs to the PSR Tutorial Christmas Jukebox. You'll find this year's Christmas Jukebox in this section as well as the songs from the previous year's Jukebox.

This page updated on December 8, 2018 .

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