PSR/Tyros Lessons

Whether you have a PSR-2000 or have just purchased the latest PSR-S950 keyboard, you can use the lessons provided here to help you master the features available in your keyboard. All of the Yamaha mid-range and top-level arranger keyboards have a similar user interface and operating system.

  • Start Here - This section is for new owners who have just received their keyboard and are anxious to simply get it up and start playing as quickly as possible. It introduces you to your keyboard (no matter what model you have) and explains the key things you need to understand to start playing songs.
  • Demos - Look here for "pros" showing off what your keyboard can do. This is also a good place to see what newer keyboards can do if you are interested in upgrading. There are also a number of short "tutorial" videos many will find useful.
  • Playing - This section focuses on helping you understand how your keyboard works, how the file system is organized, the kind of information you need to navigate the keyboard and take advantage of major features. It has four major subsections:
    1. Yamaha's File System
    2. Music Finder System
    3. Registrations
    4. Recording Songs
  • Tuning - Once you know how to use what you've got, the next step for many users is to want to change things. It has three main subsections:
    1. Adjusting Styles
    2. Creating New Styles
    3. Adjusting Songs
    4. Vocal Harmony
  • Quick Steps -This section contains a number of "quick steps", that is, short pages showing the basic information required to accomplish a number of tasks on your PSR or Tyros.
  • Workshops - Here are a number of in-depth tutorials and workshops focusing on the Tyros3/4/5 models but useful to PSR-S owners as well. Learn how to organize your file structure, what kind of files are used in your keyboard and how to access them, how to setup a registration saving all your specific settings, how to develop a system for storing all of your registrations and, finally, some tips on arranging your music.
  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions - In this section, you can download an extensive pdf file created and maintained by Michael Bedesem with answers to 461 topics of interest to PSR and Tyros owners.

This page updated on January 13, 2015 .