Tuning Your Styles/Songs

by Joe Waters

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Making Your Kind of Music

These lessons show you how to go beyond using your PSR or Tyros with only the voices and styles that come preset within the keyboard. They explain how you can adjust settings in your keyboard and arrange your styles, multipads, and songs to sound just the way you want them. The lessons here are presented in three sections, each of which includes several individual lessons. When you go to any section, the navigation bar on the left will expand to show the individual lessons within that section. The three sections are described briefly below:

  • Adjusting Styles - explains how you can adjust a preset or external file and modify the sounds of the voices used for the main and/or accompaniment. It progress from relatively easy adjustments, such as how you set the overall sound of your keyboard and how you balance the sound between different parts. It progress to lessons on how you can adjust the individual tracks in an accompaniment for any style and how to create your own OTS.
  • Creating New Styles - explains how to use the ASSEMBLY feature of the STYLE CREATOR to pull together different parts of different styles to create your own style. Includes an article by Simon Williams with some tips on recording styles and an article by Leo Dunne on making your own multipads.
  • Adjusting Songs - You can change the settings in a midi file as well as style files. This section includes lessons by Chris Bell and Simon Williams on adjusting volumes in a midi, by Phil Hall on changing song voice and tempo as well as some tips on editing songs, an article by myself on putting lyrics in your midi file, and an article by Frank Blecha with step-by-step instructions for transposing a midi file on the PSR-3000.
  • Vocal Harmony - If you sing as well as play your keyboard, you will be using a microphone and, most likely, the vocal harmony feature of your keyboard. This section includes three "articles" covering microphones and vocal harmony that were moved from the Music | Articles section to this new lessons section.

This page updated on March 3, 2014 .