Useful Internet Links

The pages in this section guide you to resources available elsewhere on the internet that you may find helpful. Click on any of the categories you see listed above to go to that section. On each page you will find, in most cases, a brief description of the resource as well as a link to the highlighted site.

  • Yamaha has links to Yamaha Corp sites. You can find a lot of useful information there, but since Yamaha is such a large corporation, the links of most interest to arranger keyboard owners are not always so easy to find.
  • Support has links to web sites devoted specifically to one or more Yamaha keyboard models. These sites normally provide useful information and songs/styles for your keyboard. You will also find many more links to internet sites at some of these sites, in particular, Jørgen Sørensen's The Unofficial YAMAHA PSR Resource Site.
  • PRO Links lead to web sites of gigging (performing) musicians. They usually include sample songs as well as contact information so you can hear how talented the performer is.
  • Lessons are links to, generally, piano lesson sites on the net. This tutorial site will help you learn how to use many of the functions available in your keyboard, but it does not attempt to teach you how to play the keyboard. If you need help there, you can take a look at the many piano lesson sites.

The links provided here are, of course, not exhaustive. There is so much available on the internet that it would be foolish to try and list everything. You can always use a search engine, like Google, to find specific resources. But the links here may help you find some key Yamaha resources.

-- Joe Waters

This page updated on September 5, 2015.