General Music Resources

Although much of this site is focused on helping PSR and Tyros owners, there are musical resources that are useful, not only to Yamaha arranger keyboard owners, but to any musician. Many of those resources are found in this section.

  • Fake Books - A "Fake Book" provides the melody line, the chords, and the lyrics of a song. The player must make up all other elements of the arrangement, that is, he/she has to "fake it." However, for an arranger artist, the fake book provides everything needed. Your left hand plays the chords; your right hand plays the melody; if you use a mic, you yourself sing the lyrics; and the PSR or Tyros does the rest of the job of "faking it." In this section you find brief descriptions of most of the fake books in the U.S. market.
  • FB Songs - Fake books can have hundreds of songs, but if you're looking for that one particular song, how do you find it? Well, you just check the Fake Book Song Index. This section contains a listing of over 12,000 songs, listed alphabetically, taken from 44 different fake books. Each song shows a list of all of the fake books in which this song appears.
  • Top Songs - Look here for a list of top songs as measured by a variety of yard sticks -- Top 40 hits for each year from 1930 to 1998, Top singles of the year, Top songs of the Century, Top Country Songs, Top Christmas songs, Top Waltzes plus links to additional top song internet sites.
  • Pro Clinic- Here are a series of "discussions" from the "pros" that deal with questions any current or prospective entertainer would be interested in. For example, How do you pace your performance? What should you charge? How to Read an Audience? How many styles do you really need? Should you sit or stand for a performance?
  • Articles - Although we have "lessons" on using your PSR or Tyros, we do not really attempt to provide a musical education or training here. Nonetheless, here are some tips that are provided for new (or not so new) players.
  • Projects - The term "Projects" is used for activities you may undertake as a PSR/Tyros owner, such as replacing a floppy disk drive, installing a hard drive, building a super-strong music rack, or building your own speaker housing for gigging.
  • Chords - Learning chords is critical if you want to master an arranger keyboard. I found an excellent series of lessons on learning the "Secrets of Chord Progressions" authored by noted pianist Duane Shinn. Duane agreed that PSR Tutorial could carry the lessons. There are 39 lessons in this series. By lesson 13, you will have learned 528 chords! The remaining lessons discuss chord progressions, how one chord normally follows another.

This page updated on January 15, 2015 .