Resources for Yamaha Owners

You can show your support to the PSR Tutorial by ordering one or more of the resources listed below. Your contributions allow us to continue growing and providing you with valuable information and resources that help you get the most out of your Yamaha arranger keyboard. You can also become a "Supporting" member by simply making a donation to the PSR Tutorial. Use the DONATE button shown here or at the bottom of this page and the other pages in this section.

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All of these PSR Tutorial Resource collections, except the MP3 song collections, are provided as downloadable compressed (zip) files. The prices are for the downloadable data collections. If you also order a USB drive, any data collection you order is copied to your USB drive, unzipped and ready to use. The USB drive is then mailed to your door. You can combine multiple resource collections on a single USB drive. The price of the USB drive includes the cost of the drive, copying your selection(s) to the drive, and all shipping and handling charges.

Note: the email with instructions for downloading is not sent out until I check my email and see your order. So it is not sent to you immediately after you place your order. However, I do check my email several times a day so you should be getting it within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about the available resource collections or how to use them, give me a call (804)-360-1747 or send me (Joe Waters) an email:

If you can not, or prefer not to, use PayPal, see the instructions below. Additional information about the data collections is available by examining the tabs at the top of this page or by clicking on the links provided.

PSR Tutorial Style Collections are available in three areas: Lessons, Styles, and Songs. Including a USB drive in yiour order will get any collections you order copied to the USB drive, which is then mailed to you. Check the Styles section for SPECIALS on combined collections.

USB Drives (8GB or 16GB)

Kingston 8GBThe USB drive supports USB 2.0. The capacity figure shows how much data can be loaded onto an empty USB drive. Add up the "Full" storage space required in the various collections you select to see how many collections can fit on a single drive. For example, the "Full Style Collection" totals 5.6GB unzipped so it would easily fit on a single 8GB USB drive. Any collections ordered with a USB drive are copied to your drive before it is mailed out. Owners of the Tyros2/3/4/5 or PSR-3000/1500, PSR-S900/S700, PSR-S910/S710, PSR-S950/S750 can plug USB drives directly into their keyboards and quickly access styles and midi files.

PSR Tutorial USB Drive
Product Capacity Cart
8 GB 2.0 USB drive (Feb 2015) - $14 (all data collections below that you order will be added to this USB drive.) 7.2 GB
16 GB 2.0 USB drive (Feb 2015) - $18 (all data collections below that you order will be added to this USB drive.) 14.5 GB

Click on any of the product names below for a more complete description of what you get in the collection. The "zip" size indicates the amount of space you will need when you download the resource collection. The "Full" size is the amount of storage you need when everything is in its uncompressed, original format. The "GB" sizes are rounded upward. Note that there are several "specials" that offer a combination of resource collections for a discounted price.


The 2016 Lessons collection replaces the earlier 2012 Lessons collection. This collection includes lesson and other instructional material from the site, as well as thousands of styles, midi files, muti pads, registrations, voices, and music finder databases -- all useful files for Yamaha owners. Just what the new Yamaha owner needs!

PSR Tutorial Lessons Collection
Product Size Cart
2016 Lessons Plus - (Mar 2016) Here are the PSR Tutorial Lessons as well as the Articles, Projects, Pro Clinic, Fake Book Information, and the complete Secrets of Chords course. Collection includes 8,000 styles, 5,700 midi files, 7,400 voices, 3,700 multipads, and plenty of registration files. ($30) zip:
762 MB
1.4 GB


The first four style collections (#1 - #4) are now discontinued. However, all the styles from these earlier collections are available in the 2012 Styles Library. Styles #5 and Styles #6 contain new styles that are not available in the 2012 Styles library.

PSR Tutorial Style Collections
Product Size Cart
Styles #11 - T5/T4 - (Sep 2016) This collection is for Tyros5 and Tyros4 owners. It includes a host of resources for these high-end keyboards including over 5,200 styles for or from Tyros models. It also includes Multi-Pads, MusicFinder databases, Registration files and two special collections (registration + music + lyrics). There are also over 800 midi files created on Tyros models. ($30) zip:
111 MB
377 MB
Styles #10 - S970/S950 - (Aug 2016) - This collection is for PSR-S970 and PSR-S950 owners. It includes thousands of styles adjusted specifically for these keyboards. Includes 8,000 unique styles. Styles will also work on S770 and S750 keyboards as well as recent Tyros models. ($30) zip:
166 MB
623 MB
Styles Collection - (Sep 2016) Styles #9, Styles #8, Styles #7, Style Lib #2, and Styles Lib #1, all for $120. See descriptions below for more information. zip:
1.8 GB
6.1 GB
Styles #9 - (Sep 2015) - This collection includes 14,900 styles added to the PSR Tutorial web site and forum in the past 20 months and others new to our archives. 6,500 styles are in the new SFF2 format almost all of which include OTS. 2,300 styles have song titles. Half of the 8,400 SFF1 styles are from other keyboards. Included in this collection are 1,300 multipads. Plenty of new stuff to explore! ($25) zip:
151 MB
537 MB
Styles #8 -Yamaha - (Nov 2014) - This updates (and replaces) the earlier Styles#4 with thousands of Yamaha preset styles from 20 different Yamaha keyboard introduced between 2001 and 2013. Styles are available by Keyboard and also arranged by style category and style name. Collection includes Onacimus' conversions for the PSR-3000 and for the PSR-S910. A must have for any Yamaha owner! ($25) zip:
258 MB
863 MB
Styles #7 -Song-Styles - (Jan 2014) - 10,300 song-styles drawn from the entire PSR Tutorial style archives. Style names include song title, tempo, and contributor. Also includes 6,700 MusicFinder records and a number of registration sets. If you like to find styles by song title, this is the data set for you! ($25) zip:
129 MB
365 MB
Styles Lib #2 - (Oct 2015) - 15,970 styles. This collection includes all the styles from Styles #5 and Styles #6 but excludes 4,000 styles included in Styles #7 and Styles #8 above. Order this set if you have #7 and #8. ($35)

171 MB
624 MB

Styles Lib #1 - (Sept 2015) - 53,000 styles. This collection includes all the styles from the 2012 Styles Library below but excludes styles included in the songs collection (Styles #7) and the Yamaha collection (Styles #8) above. Order this set if you have #7 and #8. ($50) zip:
552 MB
1.82 GB

Song Collections

The "Song Collections" below contain MP3 files and are enormous, so they are not offered as a downloadable resource. They are provided on an 8GB or a 16GB USB drive. The price shown includes the USB drive and S&H. The MIDI Library is much smaller and that is available as a downloadable resource.

PSR Tutorial Songs Collection
Product Size Cart
MIDI Library - (Mar 2012) Over 22,000 midi files for use with your PSR or Tyros keyboard. It includes several collections of midi files including all the PSR Performer midi files. 1,400 files include lyrics. Some collections organized by song title, others by song titles within artist folders. ($25) zip:
356 MB
1.2 GB
Song Collection #3 - (Jan 2015) A collection of the MP3s posted on the PSR Tutorial from October of 2013 through December of 2015. This includes over 1,382 MP3s recorded on Yamaha arranger keyboards by 69 contributors. ($36) -- delivered on 8 GB USB drive. Full:
5.8 GB
Song Collection #2 - (Sep 2014) A collection of the MP3s posted on the PSR Tutorial from May of 2011 through September of 2013. This includes over 1,806 MP3s recorded on Yamaha arranger keyboards by 71 contributors. ($36) -- delivered on 8 GB USB drive. Full:
7.0 GB
Song Collection #1 - (Sep 2014) A collection of all the MP3s posted on the PSR Tutorial up through April of 2011. This includes over 2,056 MP3s recorded on Yamaha arranger keyboards by 94 contributors. ($36) -- delivered on 8 GB USB drive. Full:
7.0 GB

Paying by Cash, Check, or Money Order

Unfortunately, PayPal is not available in all countries and some users may prefer NOT to use PayPal for their transactions. As an alternative, you can simply send in a check (or cash). If you have Western Union available, you could also use that as an option. Non-US members should go to their local bank and ask for a cashier's check or money order in US currency. Send your payment to:

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