Styles Library #1

Styles Library #1 includes almost 53,000 styles. All are in the SFF1 format. Two-thirds of the styles (34,000) include OTS. 46,000 styles have 4 variations. If you were to use the PSR Style Database to break out styles by category, you could find 5,700 ballads, 3,200 Jazz styles, 3,000 Country styles, 1,400 BigBand styles, 900 Bossanova styles, or 800 Gospel styles. There are hundreds of gems here just waiting for you to discover them.

This new collection, which I am calling Styles Library #1, is basically the earlier Styles Library 2012 with duplicate styles from later collections (Styles#7-Songs and Styles #8-Yamaha) removed. Taking out the styles that appeared in the later collections reduced the total number of styles included to about 53,000, still an enormous number. But, for those who started out with the songs collection and the Yamaha presets, it is now easier, quicker, and less expensive to add this original large style collection to your style library.

I also limited this style collection to only styles in the earlier SFF1 styles format. Later collections include a mix of old (SFF1) and new (SFF2) style formats. The newer keyboards can read both of these formats, but earlier keyboards are limited to the earlier SFF1 format. The PSR-2000, PSR-2100, PSR-3000, and PSR-S900 as well as the Tyros1 and Tyros2 all use the earlier SFF1 format. Not only can owners of these keyboards access all the styles in this collection, there are folders and sub-folders with thousands of styles tuned specifically for their particular Yamaha model. Of course, owners of later keyboards can also access all the styles in this collection.

Style Organization

The styles here are organized into 5 main folders, each with many subfolders.

1 - Collections. The main "Collections" folder has 7,400 styles in 10 subfolders: Bart, Brian, Charley, Chris, Dennis, Eileen, Harry, JohnH, and Patrick. Each of these contributors has a page on the main PSR Tutorial web site. Some collectors had such large collections that they have their own main folders: "Coll-JohnV" (8,300 styles), "Coll-Henni" (6,600), "Coll-Jeff" (3,900). There are a whole series of smaller collections found in the "Coll-Other" folder, which has 4,500 styles. These individual collections are usually organized by the categories established by the original collector.

2 - Song Styles. The value of song styles is in the filename itself. So these styles are arranged alphabetically. Even though there are 10,000 song styles on Styles #7 and all those were eliminated from this collection, nonetheless, there are still 3,000 song-styles in this collection. Actually, there are even more than that since many of the "collections" above include song-styles. The songs in these alphabetical folders were drawn from the Gigs section of the site and also from files in an earlier Forums section no longer on the site. Where songs here came from a particular performer, I added a two-letter abbreviation to the end of the song name to identify the source. For example, song styles from Gary Diamond are identified with a GD.

3 - Yamaha. This folder has subfolders for 15 different Yamaha arranger keyboards. There are 3,200 styles in this section. These are the original preset styles from each of these keyboards. If you have Styles #8, there will be some duplicate file sets found here.

4 - Conversions. This section has styles that have been converted or tuned for particular keyboards. If you have one of these earlier arrangers, for example, the PSR-3000, you will find styles from earlier keyboards, and styles from later keyboards, converted for use on the PSR-3000. There are 4,200 conversions for this keyboard and they are in the "Conv-PSR 3k" folder. The "Conv-PSR 2k" folder includes conversions for the PSR-2000 and the PSR-2100 and has 3,800 styles. The "Conv-T1-T2" folder has 3,100 style conversions for the Tyros1, Tyros2, as well as PSR-9000 and PSR-8000. Finally the "Conv-Other" folder has 3,000 styles with conversions for the PSR-S900, PSR-1500, PSR-620/730/740. As in the Collections section, all of these conversion folders could be put under a common "Conversion" folder if you want.

5 - Category. This final section has 1,900 styles from the forum uploads and elsewhere arranged into genre categories. Note that many of the collections mentioned above also have their styles organized by category.

Some Cautions

Not every Yamaha keyboard has a USB port and, as such, even if you ordered this file collection on a USB, or copied it to a USB, you would not be able to use the files directly from the USB drive. If you have a PSR-2000 or a PSR-2100, you are simply out of luck. You would have to copy the files from the USB to your computer's hard drive and, from there, copy small sets of style files to a floppy disk, which you can take to your PSR-2000 or PSR-2100.

Unlike styles you may have received on a CD-ROM drive, the files on a USB drive can be changed. They can not only be loaded, but they can be revised and saved again in a new version. You can add additional files to a USB drive. But, what is most important, you can also delete files! When you delete a file, it is gone forever. So, if you received this collection on a USB drive, while you now have some 53,000 styles on the drive, they are not permanent; they can disappear. So a backup copy is important.

If you downloaded this library in the form of zip files, these files can serve as your backup. Unzip them and create the original library an your hard drive or on a USB drive.

If you are copying these files from a USB drive to your hard drive, it may take a long time to copy 53,000 styles. Making a copy of this USB drive involves hours, not minutes. Time will vary depending on your computer. Usually, copying files to a USB drive is much slower than reading files from a USB drive.

This page updated on November 14, 2018 .