Fake Book Song Index

If you examine the Fake Book section pages, you notice that most books include a link that takes you to the table of contents for that book. By combining many of those individual book contents, I created a master index of all the songs from 50 individual fake books.

Click on any of the letters shown on the left side of this page to see a list of all the songs that begin with that letter. Each song title is accompanied by a list of the Fake Books that song appears in. Fake Book titles are, of course, abbreviated. The list of all the books and their abbreviations are found under the "Book List" button.

Although I tried to be as careful as possible, there were over 12,140 songs in the cumulative index of those 50 books and, although I own most, I don't own all the books. I have no doubt that there will be mistakes here and there. If anyone finds an error, feel free to e-mail me and I will correct the entry.

Print Version

While these pages are useful for looking up a particular song, you may prefer to download all of this information and just print it out to create your own hard copy version. I have done that by putting the information into a Microsoft Word document. The full alphabetical index is 121 pages long with songs listed in two columns on each page. You can download that Microsoft Word file in a zipped format by clicking on this link: MSIndex50.doc.zip. You can also get an rtf version in zipped format: MSIndex50.rtf.zip.

This page updated on August 30, 2017 .