Gig Disks for PSR & Tyros

9,220 Styles on "Gig Disks"

Gary Diamond was the first to suggest the idea of a "Gig Disk."  He has created several disks, with 30 or more "songs" on each disk, that he uses when he plays at various gigs.  The "songs" on each disk are NOT midi files. They are style files that just happen to fit quite nicely with the song titles under which they are saved. Be sure to read Gary's story about the creation of gig disks. That, and all of his gig disks -- he is up to seven now -- are available on Gary's page (click tab above). Warren Peters thought the gig disks were an excellent way to prepare for performances, so Warren created a number of disks that he uses when he performs with his wife, Revel. Click the "Warren" tab for Warren's Gig Disks. Scott Langholff has extended our library here by sending in a batch of Gig Disks he has been developing. Bogdan Hocevar uses OMB to create Gig Disks from midi files. Dennis Hooker put together some performer disks for his PSR-2100 and for the PSR-3000; they can be found on his page. Stephen Molnar has a whole set of registration files for PSR-3000 and Tyros owners as well as some standard Gig Disks. Larry Warner (PSR2100) has sent in a Gig Disk for "Sing-Along" favorites as well as several additional traditional gig disks. Hammer has added 5 of his gig disks to the collection. Tom, a retired performer, has contributed his entire gig disk library, with over 2,000 styles to our gig disk section. Chuck Hunt has sent in 100 song styles that he uses on his Tyros2. Tony Sellick adds 167 songs that he has used on his gigs. Neal Saunders adds 292 songs that he prepared for his Tyros3. Graham UK provides us with 288 song-named styles compiled on his Tyros2. Freddie Maynell, Gary and Steve have also compiled Registration Gig Disks. Jim and Peter have provided registration sets.

The styles used on Gig Disks are generally not those that are preset in your PSR or Tyros.  If they were, you could save the relevant information in a Music Finder file or a Registration file. Even if some of the "songs" use internal styles, they most likely have a different OTS and may also have other adjustments to the accompaniment. And "modified" internal style has to be saved separately anyway, so they would be saved to the floppy, USB, or hard drive and loaded that way just as you would load any other external file.

As with the other styles on this site, the styles are saved in a single ZIP file. You need to download the ZIP file, unzip the file and extract the styles, and, finally, copy them to a floppy disk or USB drive to take them to your keyboard.

This page updated on March 5, 2019 .