Registration Files

As many of you know, registration files are keyboard specific -- a PSR3000 registration file will not work on a PSR2000 or on a Tyros2. This, of course, makes it difficult to move registrations from one keyboard to another. This is particularly difficult when a keyboard owner, who may have built hundreds of registration files, upgrades to a newer model. All that earlier work is not transferable and must be done again. Even though the new keyboard may have styles and voices that you may want to use in your registrations, it is still a major pain to redo them.

However, thanks to the efforts of Murray Best, creator of the Registration File Manager, converting registrations from any of these keyboards to your keyboard is now much easier. You will find this is one of the essential utilities for any Yamaha owner.

For some of the recent keyboards, Yamaha has also provided some utilities that facilitate upgrading your registrations from, for example, the Tyros to the Tyros2 and from the Tyros2 to the Tyros3. Look at the "Yamaha" page under Utilities for links to these converter programs.

Since registration files are keyboard specific, we have provided several subsections for each keyboard where we have some registrations available. As new registration files arrive, we will add them to the appropriate registration page.

Registrations for Songs

A registration file can be used to set up your keyboard to play particular songs. This can be used by a performer when playing a gig. You will find additional song-based registrations in some of the pages under Styles | Gig Disks. In particular, check out the registrations done by Peter (aka xeenix), Jim Laing, Gary Diamond, Steve Molnar, and Freddie Meynell.

This page updated on March 5, 2019 .