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Larry Tyler
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E-mail: Larry Tyler
Oxford, MS

Larry's Jukebox

See MP3 Index (below) to listen to and/or download all of Larry's songs.

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(July, 2012) I retired in 2006 as a university professor in special education. I live in Oxford, Mississippi.

Musical Background

My earliest musical experiences started in church, with much exposure to vocal music. Then, early-on, came a lot of radio listening (pre TV days) that included Saturday night rituals with the Grand Ole Opry. Three years of piano instruction during the elementary years was a good start, but I soon drifted away due to the intrusion of sports. Then, in high school, I picked up the ukulele, which quickly led to my first guitar. In college (early 60's), I was around guys starting a band playing hits of the day. The electric guitar and bass drew most of my interest and, shortly, I was in my first group, The Shamrocks.

Countless gigs over the years have certified my addiction to music and the love of live music in particular. Along the way, I developed an interest in multitrack home recording. Much gear later (reel-to-reel, cassette, to digital), I recently made the plunge into computer-based recording. Wow, what a learning curve for a non-techie! The primary purpose of recording was to create backing tracks to solo with on guitar. That introduced me to Band In A Box and, now, arranger keyboards. I've owned many arrangers, including Roland, Technics, and several Yamahas, most recently the S910.

In retirement, I play solo several nights a week at a private dining club, a blend of vocals and instrumentals. This experience has allowed me to move from guitar to playing keyboard more often. My play list includes everything from the 1920's through the 70's. The Great American Songbook, 50's to 70's pop tunes, and classic country fit the ambience of the room and interest of listeners and dancers for the most part. Larry at keyboardOccasionally, I'll add a more contemporary tune if it sits well within the play list. For special occasions and events, musician friends join me for duos, trios, up to a 10-piece group, including two vocalists. I'm basically an "ear" player, but do read chord charts and melody lines rather easily. (Photo of Larry at his keyboard in his little corner of the living room.)

The PSR site, with its contributors, has been very helpful in providing needed information. I've purchased several of the products offered by Joe and found them useful. I hope this site will be around for a long time to come.

Note: Larry has played the PSR-3000, Tyros2, PSR-S910, and PSR-S950. In 2014, Larry acquired his new Tyros5 and in 2015, Larry got the new S970.

Larry's MP3 Song Index (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. All of Larry's songs are listed below alphabetically by title. In a number of songs, Larry is joined by Wes Walker playing the tenor sax, clarinet, or flute. Click on any song title to listen to and/or download the song.


All The Things You Are (Wes on clarinet, Tyros5) 5/8/2017

An Affair To Remember (Tyros5) 3/18/2016

Black and Blue (Wes sax) (Tyros5) 7/5/2017

Call Me (vocal) (Tyros5) 4/14/2016

Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup (w/Wes on tenor sax)(Tyros5) 8/31/2016

Every Day (Tyros5) 7/7/2016

Flamingo (w/Wes on clarinet)(Tyros5) 8/31/2016

For The Good Times (Tyros5) 2/23/2017

Green Leaves of Summer (w/Wes on flute Tyros5) 8/8/2016

Here Comes The Sun (Tyros5) 7/5/2017

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (Tyros5) 5/14/2016

I Like It Like That (vocal) (Tyros5) 5/14/2016

I Wish You Love (vocal) (Tyros5) 12/11/2016

I Wish You Love (vocal) (Tyros5) 11/2/2016

It Could Happen To You (vocal) (w/Wes on tenor sax)(Tyros5) 8/31/2016

It Is No Secret (Tyros5) 2/23/2017

It's A Blue World (w/Wes tenor sax) (Tyros5) 8/8/2016

It's So Easy (Tyros5) 1/23/2017

Learning the Blues (w/Wes on clarinet)(Tyros5) 8/31/2016

Maybe Baby (Tyros5) 1/23/2017

Midnight Sun (Wes on flute, Tyros5) 4/12/2017

The Nearness of You (Wes on clarinet) (Tyros5) 4/14/2016

Oh Boy (Tyros5) 7/7/2016

Old Cape Cod (vocal) (Tyros5) 8/7/2017

Out of Nowhere (Wes tenor sax) (Tyros5) 11/2/2016

Peggy Sue (Tyros5) 1/23/2017

People ( w/Wes Walker on clarinet) (Tyros5) 12/11/2016

Pink Panther Theme (w/Wes tenor sax) (Tyros5) 3/3/2016

Pure Imagination (Tyros5) 4/14/2016

Rave On (Tyros5) 1/23/2017

Roll Over Beethoven (vocal) (Tyros5) 5/14/2016

Route 66 (vocal) (Tyros5) 11/2/2016

San Antonio Rose (Tyros5) 5/8/2017

September In The Rain (vocal) (Tyros5) 12/11/2016

The Shadow of Your Smile (Wes on flute) (Tyros5) 4/14/2016

Shall We Gather At The River (Tyros5) 5/31/2017

Shangri La (w/Wes on clarinet) (Tyros5) 8/8/2016

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (vocal) (Tyros5) 7/5/2017

Spooky (Tyros5) 5/31/2017

Stars Fell On Alabama w/Wes on tenor sax (Tyros5) 3/18/2016

St. James Infirmary w/Wes on tenor sax (Tyros5) 5/14/2016

Stranger On The Shore (Tyros5) 5/8/2017

Street of Dreams (Wes on clarinet, Tyros5) 4/12/2017

Struttin' With Some Barbecue (Wes on tenor sax, Tyros5) 5/8/2017

The Summer Knows (Wes on sax, Tyros5) 4/12/2017

That's What Friends Are For (Tyros5) 2/23/2017

There Will Never Be Another You (Wes on sax, Tyros5) 4/12/2017

This Magic Moment (vocal) (Tyros5) 8/7/2017

This Masquerade (vocal) (Tyros5) 8/8/2016

A Time For Love (Wes clarinet) (Tyros5) 7/5/2017

True Love Ways (Tyros5) 7/7/2016

Tumbling Tumbleweeds (vocal) (Tyros5) 5/31/2017

Two Different Worlds (Tyros5) 3/18/2016

Walk Don't Run (Tyros5) 2/23/2017

The Wayward Wind (Tyros5) 5/31/2017

Well All Right (Tyros5) 7/7/2016

What Now My Love (Tyros5) 8/7/2017

When Sunny Gets Blue with Wes on Tenor sax (Tyros5) 3/18/2016

Yesterday (w/Wes on clarinet) (Tyros5) 12/11/2016

You Are My Sunshine (v by Joyce) (Tyros5) 11/2/2016