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Robert Lauzon

(Oct, 2003) - Robert live in Montreal, Qc Canada. He is 48 years old and has wife and two children.

Musical Background: I don't play professionnally. I play on a Yamaha Electone EL-60 and Wersi Helios. In April, 2003 I purchased my Yamaha Tyros..I began playing music at the age of 6 on a Hammond L100. My teachers have included Sybill Coleman, Hugh Richard (teacher of Claude Depras)and Art Roberts. I played as a professional between the ages of 16 and 25, but stopped during one of my contracts when I met my wife.

Click on this link to download Robert's complete MIDI library:

Alphabetical Song Index
Title T TS L C Style V K
Aimer D Amour1004/4NY01T1
And I Love Her1204/4NYUnplugged203T1
Beauty And The Beast704/4NYLoveSong01T1
Blue Christmas1204/4NY02T1
Fait Comme L'oiseau964/4NYBrazillianSamba02T1
Fly Me To The Moon1304/4NYOrchBigBand102T1
Girl From Ipanema1504/4NYPopBossa203T1
Harlem Nocturne704/4NYBlueberryBlues01T1
I'm In The Mood For Love904/4NYMovieSwing03T1
Jazz Samba954/4NY03T1
Je T'attendais704/4NYLoveSong01T1
La Mer (Beyond The Sea)1304/4NYBigBandMed202T1
Let It Be724/4NY01T1
Moonlight Serenade824/4NY40sBigBand01T1
New York, New York1204/4NYDixieland102T1
Night Fever1124/4NY03T1
O Holy Night704/4NYLoveSong02T1
Oye Como A1274/4NY03T1
Pink Panther Theme1144/4NYMoviePanther02T1
Red Blousse, The1624/4NY03T1
Rock Around The Clock1804/4NY01T1
Stayin' Alive1094/4NY03T1
Titanic Theme754/4NYLoveSong03T1
What A Wonderful World724/4NY01T1
Woman In Love, A844/4NY03T1