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Royce Mosgrove
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Salem, Oregon
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PSR-S910 / PSR-S900

(June, 2012) My music life had humble beginnings and pretty much remained humble throughout most of my life. Like many who love to play music, my introduction to music occurred at home where my father enjoyed playing by ear, mostly on mandolin, with me accompanying him on a ukulele. Visiting relatives and friends would inevitably join in for a group music session.

Because of so many instruments having found their way into my parents' home over the years, these became my "play things," which helped develop my musical ear. I also played various instruments in our tiny town's school bands.

Growing up and leaving home interrupted my music making until my wife, Joanne, went through a season of purchasing worn out, homeless pianos. I enjoyed resuming the discovery and creative experience I had begun in my youth, and eventually began playing my own simple imitations of various playing styles, including stride, focusing mostly on old standards that my father played at home.

In late 2005, I saw on the internet how meaningful good entertainment can be for residents of senior care homes. This so touched me emotionally that I felt compelled to become a provider of some kind of meaningful entertainment. Residents had enjoyed my simple piano playing for my mother and mother-in-law when they were in care homes, so something "keyboard-ish" seemed to be the answer. I purchased a Yamaha DGX-305 keyboard and Roland monitor speakers, not knowing how best to use them. I focused on playing using style files and, after a month, the rest became history as the music instantly became a hit. I now play a PSR-S910 and have been averaging over 200 events per year, playing exclusively for seniors at every kind of senior living facility, specializing in songs mostly from 1900 - 1959.

For 5 ½ years, I didn't know anybody else who played arranger keyboards. Then I found PSR Tutorial. This forum has become an oasis of knowledge and inspiration for me. Thank you, Joe Waters, and all you participating members!