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Richard Kent
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Mont Belvie, Texas

Richard's Jukebox

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(February, 2016) My brother and I grew up in a humble home in south eastern Texas.  Our home was frequently filled with southern gospel, country, and pop tunes on our mother's radio programs during the day and our father's evening practice sessions as he prepared for weekend performances as the lead or rhythm guitarist for local bands.  When we were in the late teen years, we became interested in playing guitar and bass guitar for our church choir.

After completing  college, I embarked on a career as a secondary mathematics teacher for the state of Texas.  At about this same time, I met and married my soul mate who was, incidentally, an outstanding and accomplished pianist.  We soon purchased a used piano in order to develop arrangements for the music that we  used in church services.  Since we both played mostly by ear using lead sheets and charts that we developed, we spent many wonderful and happy hours playing with the other church musicians.  Occasionally, I would try my hand at the piano keyboard when no one was listening.

Upon my father's retirement in 1985, he relocated to central Texas and shortly thereafter purchased a Yamaha PSR 6300 Portatone.  When my brother or I visited him, we were duly impressed by the "one-man-band" capabilities the instrument offered.  Then, in the late 1990's, I acquired a PSR 510 keyboard.  I was amazed at the advancements that Yamaha had made over the previous decade.  I used this instrument and headphones to learn how to play my favorite songs and for relaxation.

In 2010, I retired from teaching after a career that spanned 41 years.   In the fall of that year I purchased a Yamaha PSR-S710.  I spent about a year experimenting with the impressive array of realistic voices and accompaniment styles onboard.  While I learned about the performance and recording capabilities the instrument afforded, I found the PSR Tutorial website and downloaded some style files.  After I recorded and listened to a few songs that I had burned to a CD, I was hooked.  I then set about creating CD's containing my renditions of pop and southern gospel songs that I liked to listen to and sharing them with friends and family members.

 In the fall of 2014, I acquired a Yamaha PSR-S950 and am currently learning how to play and record with it.  I appreciate and enjoy many musical genres, but my favorites remain: southern gospel, country, R & B, boogie, pop, soft rock, swing, and jazz. I continue to strive to master arranging, improvisation, the nuances of mixing, the use of multipads, and step-recording.

Richard's MP3 Song Index (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. All of Richard's songs are listed below alphabetically by title. Click on any song title to listen to and/or download the song.

70's Soul Blues Shfl (PSR-S950) 8/28/2016

Ain't Misbehaving (PSR-S950) 10/12/2016

Almost Like a Song (PSR-S950) 8/4/2017

Always Something (PSR-S950) 8/2/2017

Always Something 2 (PSR-S950) 8/8/2017

America The Beautiful (PSR-S950) 10/12/2016

Any Day Now (PSR-S950) 8/4/2017

As Close As The Mention (PSR-S950) 7/24/2017

Bless The Lord Oh My Soul (PSR-S950) 4/27/2017

Blessed Assurance (PSR-S950) 4/11/2017

Bread Upon The Water (PSR-S950) 4/11/2017

Brown Eyes Blue (PSR-S950) 4/27/2017

CandyMan Can (PSR-S950) 7/4/2017

Chanson D'Amor (PSR-S950) 5/3/2017

City of New Orleans (PSR-S950) 7/31/2017

A Closer Walk (PSR-S950) 7/17/2017

Crazy (PSR-S950) 8/2/2017

Don't Worry Baby (PSR-S950) 10/12/2016

Faith Medley (PSR-S950) 4/2/2017

Faith Medley 01 (PSR-S950) 8/4/2017

Family Bible (PSR-S950) 7/4/2017

He's Been Faithful (PSR-S950) 2/3/2017

He's Been So Good To Me (PSR-S950) 9/27/2016

Hello Mary Lou (PSR-S950) 9/27/2016

A Hill Called Mt Calvary (PSR-S950) 8/2/2017

Holy Ground (PSR-S950) 3/27/2017

How Long Has This Been Goin On (PSR-S950) 10/12/2016

I Believe In You (PSR-S950) 10/12/2016

I Cried Holy (PSR-S950) 4/2/2017

Isn't She Lovely (PSR-S950) 4/27/2017

Kokomo (PSR-S950) 7/24/2017

Laughter In The Rain (PSR-S950) 8/13/2017

Let It Be Me (PSR-S950) 10/12/2016

The Lord's Prayer (PSR-S950) 3/21/2017

L-O-V-E (PSR-S950) 7/17/2017

Make Me An Instrument (PSR-S950) 4/2/2017

Mama Tried (PSR-S950) 8/8/2017

Misty (PSR-S950) 8/4/2017

Morning Sun (PSR-S950) 7/4/2017

The Most Beautiful Girl (PSR-S950) 8/4/2017

My Eyes Adored You (PSR-S950) 8/28/2016

New York New York (PSR-S950) 7/17/2017

Perfect Peace (PSR-S950) 8/28/2016

Praise The Lord (PSR-S950) 4/11/2017

Proud Mary (PSR-S950) 9/27/2016

Rainbow Connection (PSR-S950) 8/13/2017

Rainy Night In Georgia (PSR-S950) 8/8/2017

Right or Wrong (PSR-S950) 8/8/2017

Rise Again (PSR-S950) 3/7/2017

Shangri La (PSR-S950) 7/6/2017

Sweet Hour Of Prayer (PSR-S950) 2/3/2017

There'll Never Be Another You (PSR-S950) 10/12/2016

Through It All (PSR-S950) 5/3/2017

Time In A Bottle (PSR-S950) 9/27/2016

True Grit (PSR-S950) 7/31/2017

The Way You Look Tonight (PSR-S950) 7/6/2017

We Are Here To Worship You (PSR-S950) 4/2/2017

What A Friend (PSR-S950) 3/7/2017

Where Is The Love (PSR-S950) 10/24/2016

Wonderful, Wonderful (PSR-S950) 6/22/2017

You Don't Know Me (PSR-S950) 8/8/2017

You Make It Rain For Me (PSR-S950) 9/27/2016

Y'Mama Don't Dance (PSR-S950) 7/31/2017

Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher (PSR-S950) 10/12/2016