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Roger Brenizer
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Belton, Missouri

Roger's Jukebox

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(August, 2014) I was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1940. My wife of 46 years, Nancy, and I reside near Belton, Mo. We have two sons and three grandchildren. I served six years in the Marine Corps and was elected as Cass County Surveyor for 18 years. I have been in private practice as a land surveyor since 1970 and am the Managing Partner of Roger L. Brenizer & Associates Professional Land Surveyors. I am also a computer programmer and have written and sold software, which is a big advantage to understanding the Yamaha Tyros 4 Arranger Workstation.

Musical Background: I was introduced to music, at the age of five, when my parents gave me a plastic accordion for Christmas. I immediately began playing very simple songs, the first being "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." I wanted to learn to play a real accordion and started taking lessons in 1946. After a few years of lessons my mother took me and my sister to see Dick Contino, a world renowned accordionist, perform live on stage at the RKO Missouri Theater in Kansas City. I was so enthralled with his performance that when we left there I said to my mother; "I want to play the accordion just like Dick Contino someday, mommy." Needless to say, that never happened, because there was then and is now only one Dick Contino.

The early years found me playing in recitals, school functions, talent contests and nightclubs, under my parent's supervision, and performing with my sister, who was a dancer, for veteran's homes. In about 1953 I began studying under Don Lipovac, a world renowned accordion player.

My mom and dad had no musical training, but they wanted to learn to play the organ because they had a friend who played piano and organ. They also had friends who played guitar, clarinet and banjo. So in the early 1960's they bought a Magnavox chord organ and thought because I played the accordion I could teach them to play the organ. The organ was totally foreign to me with the keys being horizontal and perpendicular to me, as opposed to the accordion being vertical and parallel with my body. I used to sit sideways on the bench so I could even come close to getting the fingering correct. That was a real laugh. And I had to learn to play left hand chords, which was entirely different than the bass buttons on an accordion. My parents finally learned some easy tunes and enjoyed playing to their own satisfaction. I also became accustomed to the organ and gravitated to it rather easily.

Roger with T4 and HS-BTWell, I was off and running with a new love of organs. Since those early days I have owned a Lowery Theater organ, a Thomas organ, a Hammond Drawbar organ, and currently own two Yamaha HS-8T organs, which were built in 1987, a Kohler & Campbell piano, my original Ancona accordion, which is now about 67 years old and a Yamaha Tyros 4 keyboard. I still play the older HS-8T's today and they produce some marvelous sounds.

I love all kinds of music: Church, Big Band, Dixieland, Classical, Latin, Blues, Pop, Easy Listening, Jazz, Polka, etc. All of my music is recorded live. I sight read and play by ear. I don't edit my music, so what you hear is what you get. I hope you enjoy my music.

I owe so much to my wonderful parents who made it possible for me to learn to play music. It's truly the gift of a lifetime. My parents went home to be with the Lord, several years ago, but my dad's words still ring in my ears today, as he always said the same thing when I sat down to play; "How about a little Alley Cat, Roger." I think I wore that song out. And above all, I thank God for what little ability He gave me. I play to honor Him.

Thank you, Joe Waters, for the opportunity to be a part of this great community you have created. I look forward to learning more from what you have spent untold hours producing and hopefully I will be able to contribute in some small way.

Music Is My Life,
Roger Brenizer

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Accordions On Parade (Tyros4) 4/7/2015

Ain't Misbehavin' (Tyros4) 9/20/2015

An Affair To Remember (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

All By Myself (Tyros4) 8/7/2015

Always On My Mind (Tyros4) 12/2/2015

America The Beautiful (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

Anniversary Waltz (Tyros4) 4/23/2015

Any Time (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

As Time Goes By (Electone HS) 8/2/2014

Autumn Leaves (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

Baby Face (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

The Bare Necessities (Tyros4) 2/23/2016

Beer Barrel Polka (Tyros4) 8/22/2014

Besame Mucho (Tyros4) 11/29/2014

Blue Velvet (Electone HS) 8/22/2014

Brasilia (Tyros4) 6/12/2016

Chopin's Nocturne Piano (The Eddy Duchin Theme) (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

Clap Clap Sound (Tyros4) 11/19/2014

Come Holy Spirit (Tyros4) 8/22/2014

Count Your Blessings (Tyros4) 8/26/2016

Daddy's Little Boy (Tyros4) 8/22/2014

Daddy's Little Girl (Tyros4) 8/22/2014

Danny Boy (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

Darktown Strutter's Ball (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

Days Of Wine And Roses (Electone HS) 8/2/2014

Delicade (Tyros4) 1/19/2015

Down To The River To Pray (Tyros4) 2/14/2016

Dream (Tyros4) 4/12/2015

Every Day Of My Life (Tyros4) 6/1/2015

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Tyros4) 2/1/2016

Gypsy Airs (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

Gypsy Love Song (Tyros4) 8/2/2014

Hawaiian Wedding Song (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

I Love You (Piano Solo) (Tyros4) 4/24/2016

I'm In The Mood For Love (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

It's Now Or Never (Tyros4) 1/21/2016

Jealousy (Tyros4) 8/15/2016

Jenny Lind Helena Polka Medley (Tyros4) 8/2/2014

Just As Much As Ever (Tyros4) 2/17/2016

La Paloma (Tyros4) 8/2/2014

Lady of Spain (Accordion) (Tyros4) 7/8/2016

The Last Rumba (Piano) (Tyros4) 5/18/2017

Liebestraum (Tyros4) 8/22/2014

The Magnificent Seven (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

Maria Elena (Tyros4) 11/7/2014

Meditation (Tyros4) 4/28/2016

Mexicali Rose (Accordion) (Tyros4) 1/10/2016

Misty (Tyros4) 1/28/2015

Mood Indigo (Tyros4) 8/22/2014

Moonlight Sonata (Tyros4) 11/9/2015

More Than You Know (Tyros4) 10/8/2015

Night Train Live (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

Oh You Beautiful Doll (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

The Old Piano Roll Blues (Tyros4) 2/2/2015

On The Jericho Road (Piano) (Tyros4) 8/23/2016

Only A Rose and Only You Medley (Tyros4) 8/2/2014

Paper Roses Cha Cha (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

Patricia, It's Patricia (Tyros4) 4/9/2016

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto (Piano Only) (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto (Full Moon and Empty Arms) (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

Return To Me (Tyros4) 2/26/2015

Rocky Top Tennessee (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

Shadow Waltz (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

Shall We Dance Waltz (Tyros4) 8/28/2016

Side By Side (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

Skater's Waltz (Tyros4) 8/2/2014

Someone To Watch Over Me (Easy Listening) (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

Someone To Watch Over Me (Movie&Show) (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

Somewhere My Love (Piano solo) (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

Spanish Eyes (Tyros4) 8/2/2014

Stardust (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

Sway (Tyros4) 5/4/2016

Tango Of Roses (Tyros4) 3/25/2016

That's What Jesus Means To Me (Tyros4) 12/14/2014

Till We Meet Again (Tyros4) 8/2/2014

Tuxedo Junction (Tyros4) 8/2/2014

Two Tickets To Georgia (SwingFoxtrot) (Tyros4) 3/20/2016

Two Tickets To Georgia (AniFantasy) (Tyros4) 3/20/2016

The Very Thought Of You (Tyros4) 5/2/2016

What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

The World Didn't Give It To Me (Tyros4) 3/1/2016

You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby (Tyros4) 8/3/2014

You're My Everything (Tyros4) 8/22/2014

Your Cheatin' Heart (Electone HS) 8/22/2014

Your Cheatin' Heart (Tyros4) 10/2/2014

Yours (Quiereme Mucho) (Tyros4) 6/3/2016

Christmas Medley (Electone HS) 11/16/2015

Christmas Songs

All I Want For Christmas (Tyros4) 12/10/2014

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S (Tyros4) 11/20/2014

Christmas Medley (Electone HS) 11/16/2015

Deck The Hall (Electone HS) 11/20/2014

Happy Christmas, Little Friend (Tyros4) 12/3/2016

Hark The Herald Angels Sing2 (Tyros4) 11/23/2015

Hark The Herald Angels Sing (Tyros4) 11/24/2014

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Electone HS) 11/20/2014

Holly Jolly Christmas (Tyros4) 12/21/2014

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Tyros4) 12/10/2014

I'll Be Home For Christmas (Tyros4) 11/22/2015

I'll Be Home For Christmas (Electone HS) 11/20/2014

Jingle Bell Rock (Electone HS) 11/20/2014

Jingle Bells (Jazz Arrangement) (Tyros4) 12/6/2016

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Electone HS) 11/20/2014

Little Drummer Boy (Tyros4) 12/6/2014

Mele Kalikimaka (Tyros4) 11/26/2015

O Come All Ye Faithful (Electone HS) 11/20/2014

O Holy Night (Electone HS) 11/20/2014

White Christmas (Tyros4) 12/10/2014

The White World Of Winter (Tyros4) 11/28/2015