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Harry BrownRigg

(Feb, 2003) I was a professional musician playing Trumpet & Flugel horn. I have also played synths (Moog & Roland) and Hammond organ. I have toured considerably, but as bands got smaller, I played more organ and less trumpet.

Now, I live in the country playing my three keyboards and three organs!!! I am married, but our family consists of dogs and cats.

Happy music making,
Harry BrownRigg

December 2004 Update. I sent in 20 midi files about 2 years ago (made on a 740, which I then sold!) and I have been playing organ since then. However, I frequently visit your wonderful site, and have just acquired a PSR-2100, which I find quite inspiring. So, here are some additional 740 recordings (Volume 3) and my first efforts on the new instrument (Volume 4). They include some of Leo Dunne's wonderful multipad settings. Many thanks for all the info & great music on your site and thanks to all your contributors.

-- Harry

MIDI Songs

You can download all of Harry's songs in this file:

Title T TS L C Style V K
All Of Me1904/4NYMediumJazz0421
April Bossa (c)1274/4NN0274
Back Home (c)1304/4NY0421
Bark For John (c)1804/4NN0374
Bernie's Tune1944/4NN0374
Chopinish (c)2003/4NN0274
Chopinish Jazz (c)2003/4NN0274
Cloudy (c)624/4NN0274
Deep Purple904/4NY0174
Dixie Medley2004/4YY0421
Doobdoop (c)1204/4NN0274
Doodle (c)1004/4NY8Beat10274
Dreaming (c)1014/4NY0421
Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue2204/4NY0421
For Antonio (c)1604/4NY8Beat10274
Friendly (c)1504/4NN0374
Fun In 31703/4NYJazzWaltz10174
Glad Rag Doll1954/4NYCountrySwing10421
Imagination (c)1154/4NN0274
Latin Doodle (c)1304/4NN0274
Love Walked Right In1204/4NN0374
Love's Last Word Is Spoken903/4NYSlowWaltz20174
Misty Shadows (c)954/4NN0374
Oh-yeh! (c)1904/4NN0374
Satin Doll1204/4NY0421
Sixties Doodle (c)1284/4NY60sGuitarPop0421
Smokin' Blues (c)1004/4NN0374
Some Day You'll Be Sorry2204/4NYGypsySwing0174
Steady On (c)2004/4NN0374
Swedish Rhapsody Polka1254/4NYPolkaPop20174
Swing Medley1544/4YYBigBandFast10421
Test Run (c)2004/4NNCountryShuffle0374
To A Wild Rose944/4NYBallad10174
Up And Down (c)1603/4NN0274
Walkin' In The Air1124/4NYGuitarBossa0174
You're Cheating Heart1264/4NYCountryShuffle0174