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Mike Cyr
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Maine, USA
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(October, 2015) I live in Maine, USA. I have been married for 44 years. I have one son and two beautiful grand daughters. Born in 1949, and still feel like a kid at 66. I hear music will do that.

I have worked and done all trades, and am currently working in a health care facility as a High Pressure Steam Engineer, in the Plant & Engineering Department, although I may retire soon.

I do small gigs at assisted health care facilities, around my area, and also play the Yamaha HX-1 in church 3 times weekly. I started playing acoustic and electric guitar at 13, a month before the Beatles made their debut, and continued for 25 years playing with a friend, doing a duet like Peter & Gordon style. I like easy listening, soft rock, country, (and church hymns) no heavy metal. (Do many Christmas songs as well) I do not read music, and in order for me to learn or play any song, I need to have the melody memorized in my head.

I switched to keyboards, when Technics first came out with them. I owned all of them, KN-600/800/1000/2000/3000/5000/6000/6500 and, finally, the 7000. I must admit, that my 7000 was a great arranger keyboard, but nothing like Yamaha, which now I own, the Tyros-5, a great keyboard. I like to sing with the keyboard, using the styles. I also like a few midi's, but prefer backing tracks for quality using the multi pads audio link function. I take pride in choosing the closest style to fit the song I'm playing, and also love dedicated styles for certain songs.

Mike Cyr
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