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Alex Green

(May, 2003) I started taking accordion lessons when I was about 10 on an old accordion my Dad had. I started playing weddings, picnics, parties when I was about 15. When I was 18, a bass player I met faked my birth certificate and I went on the road with accordion, bass and guitar. After I got out of the MarineCorp, I went on the road with a country western band of accordion, bass,steel and rhythm guitar. The highlight of that band was we worked on radioand television on WLW, Midwestern Hayride in Cinncinatti, Ohio. Eventually,I played out my career working around Chicago playing dance music in allthe hotels, country clubs, yacht clubs, etc. with a 5-man group of accordion,vibes, clarinet, bass and drums.

I retired from the business and accidentally learned about arranger keyboards and bought a 740, which is what I used on these songs. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the Yamaha groups and look forward to the musical years ahead.

- Joe Francis

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MIDI Songs

You can download all of Joe's MIDI songs here:

Title T TS L C Style V K
All The Way684/4NYEPBallad0174
Among My Souvenirs, Mood, Whispering904/4NYOrchJazzBld0174
Ave Maria554/4NYBach_Prelude0374
Beer Barrel Polka, Helena1204/4NYPOLKA20174
Begin The Beguine1324/4NY0474
Charmaine, Innamarata, Santa Lucia903/4NY0474
Country Medley1044/4NY0474
Danny Boy, Maggie904/4NYMovieSwing0274
Far Away Places, Edelweiss903/4NYEnglishWaltz0374
Fascinating Rhythm, Stumbling, Avalon1124/4NYXGSwing30174
Goodnight Medley1334/4NY0474
Home, Original, Love Song704/4NY0474
If I Were A Rich Man1204/4NY0474
Irish Washerwoman1244/4NYJig20374
Italian Love Song904/4NYMovieS0374
It's Delovely, Cheek To Cheek1124/4NYXGSwing0274
Jazz Blues (c)1364/4NYSambaJa20374
La Golondrina1204/4NY0474
Lawrence Welk Theme1404/4NYShowtim20274
Linda Ronstadt, Mexican1044/4NN8Beat10374
Moonriver, Whiffenpoof903/4NYP_SWaltz0174
Object Of My Affection1334/4NYOrchBigBand20274
Original 2beat (c)1204/4NYSWROCK0174
Original Jazz (c)1774/4NYBBFAST0174
Original Latin (c)1094/4NYMARINA0174
Original Latin (c)1204/4NY0474
Piano Medley943/4NY0474
Polka Medley1204/4NYPolka20374
Rock Music For Old People1204/4NYCnrock0374
Shadow Of Your Smile, The804/4NYMovieBallad0174
Something Stupid, This Is My Song1064/4NYSomethingStupid0274
South Of The Border, Mexicali Rose1204/4NYBossaE200374
Square Dance Medley1214/4NY0474
This Is My Song1004/4NYAutumnLeaves0374
Wabash Blues, Green Green Grass964/4NYFolk0274
Waltz Medley1853/4NYLaendler0274
What Now My Love1304/4NY60s8Beat0274
When I Fall In Love, When You Wish Upon A Star904/4NYMovieSwing0274
Who's Sorry Now, Smiles, Black Bird1714/4NYFoxtrot160274
Wunderbar, Vienna Dreams1853/4NYLAENDLER0174



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