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John Radford

(May, 2006) Just a little about myself -- I was born in London's east-end, a loooong time ago, but have lived in the west of England for the last 10 years, West Moors, Dorset, near Bournemouth. I have a lovely daughter and her husband living nearby.

Musicical Background. I always loved music. Used to play an old violin with the backing of my old gramophone. My dad was pretty good on the one string fiddles he made from cigar boxes. Wish I had been taught music when I was young, never mind, taught myself to read music and play chords. I now play the Tyros every day and expect to have my T2 by the time anyone is reading this.

Volumes 1 and 2 were recorded on the Tyros 1. I hope you enjoy my tunes as I do the songs of all these performers.

Best wishes,
-- John

You can download all of John's MIDI songs in this file:

Title T TS L C Style V K
Alley Cat1054/4NYCountry2-403T2
All I Have To Do Is Dream1264/4NYOrchestraSwing02T1
All I Have To Do Is Dream824/4NY06T2
All The Way1084/4NY05T2
Am I Blue1674/4NY01T1
Arrivederci Roma1134/4NYBeguine01T1
Ay Ay Ay1014/4NY06T2
Barbara Polka924/4NY07T2
Beer Beer Glorious Beer1804/4NYOrchestraSwing02T1
Cara Mia1924/4NYSwingFox03T2
Catch A Falling Star1744/4NY02T1
Champagne Charlie1064/4NYPartyPolka03T2
Don't Get Around Much Anymore1784/4NY03T2
Dream Lover1003/4NY9-8Waltz03T2
I Don't Know Why1764/4NY02T1
I Don't Know Why1764/4NYJive07T2
I Miss You1264/4NYOrchestraSwing02T1
In The Hall Of The Mountain King1394/4NY03T2
It's My Mother's Birthday1124/4NYSlowFox07T2
I've Been Working On The Railroad1104/4NY02T1
Kiss Me Again924/4NY06T2
Legend In My Time, A864/4NYOrchestraSwing02T1
Lights Of Paris1254/4NYTapDanceSwing01T1
Little White Duck2444/4NYTheatreOrgQStep01T1
Maria Elena1304/4NYOrchestraSwing02T1
Masquerade Is Over, The1084/4NY05T2
Meet Me In St Louis1764/4NY04T2
Memories Of You1924/4NYSwingFox03T2
Memories Of You1924/4NYSwingFox05T2
Merry Widow Waltz863/4NY9-8Waltz06T2
Merry Widow Waltz863/4NY9-8Waltz07T2
Mighty Like A Rose1264/4NY04T2
Mother Machree1904/4NYGayGordons05T2
My Blue Heaven874/4NY05T2
My First Waltz873/4NYEnglishWaltz04T2
Now I Know1024/4NYMORSwing04T2
Old Black Joe924/4NY07T2
Once In A While884/4NYMidnightSwing01T1
Piano Roll Blues1184/4NY01T1
Piano Roll Blues2204/4NY07T2
Picture Of You, A1564/4NYSwing202T1
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone1104/4NYBigBandShuffle01T1
Pomp And Circumstance974/4NY07T2
Put Your Head On My Shoulder1084/4NYSlowFox02T1
Put Your Head On My Shoulder854/4NY05T2
Ramblin' Rose, Dream1854/4NY04T1
Some Folks1524/4NY05T2
Sweetest Story Ever Told, The1084/4NY06T2
Sweet Genevieve1084/4NY05T2
Treasure Island884/4NY04T2
Until Its Time For You To Go1024/4NYMORSwing04T2
Valse Lent1863/4NYVienneseWaltz107T2
Was It A Dream824/4NYMidnightSwing04T2
We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow2004/4NYDixieland107T2
What I Did For Love824/4NY06T2
When I Fall In Love824/4NYMidnightSwing06T2
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling1024/4NYMORSwing04T2
When The Red Red Robin2004/4NY01T1
Where The River Shannon Flows1204/4NYNorteno05T2
Whistling Waltz1764/4NY05T2
Who's Taking You Home Tonight1344/4NY01T1
You Are Love903/4NYEnglishWaltz07T2



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