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Dave Edwards

(Jun, 2005) Netherton, Bootle, Merseyside, UK. I am a widower now. My wife, and my life, mostly, died March 13th 2004. I have two stepdaughters and two grandchildren.

Musical Background: My father played piano in G and C but only three chords. However, his right hand was very strong sounding and, later, I discovered that he used 6ths. He would play an octave in the bass and a triad higher up in his left hand, a kind of “stride” technique. I copied him and wrote my first love song the same week: "I love you. If you loved me, oh how happy we would be." I was 10 and a half and had discovered I liked kissing girls. This has never changed!!!

My ear told me that my father was playing the wrong notes and I worked out E/A/B/F#, which about covered the tunes I did, all in the key of G. I also discovered diminished chords and always used them. At the Locarno Ballroom in Liverpool, I met a blind pianist who offered me piano lessons. He wanted me to learn properly but he agreed to teach me about chords as well. I only went three times and had the knowledge I wanted. One day a knock at the door produced a drummer who wanted someone to play with, just for fun. After a while, we met a guy who played tea chest bass (with a bass string) and sang well. We played for a while (unpaid) and then a guitarist appeared and the bass player bought a real bass, which he cannot play up to the present time. BUT, he did stacks of work even though the notes were wrong. Then the guitarist gave me hundreds of chord sequences and I spent months putting the melody to them. I don't think fake books were even around then. I started to play in the other keys and we got some jobs doing weddings and dances (a guitar, drums, and piano). We got a job to open a brand new Labour Club, a one-night stand that lasted seven years. I was fed up every weekend and Bank Holidays anyway.

During the last year, the Piano had been changed for an Organ, which by that time I had at home anyway. I found it easy because I used chords.(only in the root position.) I went back to the club for much more money together with the drummer for six months and that was the last time I had a regular gig, it was now 1978. I had changed from a Hammond plus cheap Leslie, which I was never satisfied with, to a Yamaha MC200, which could play the 4/4 bass better than I could so I never used pedals again. In the 1990's I changed the organ for a PSR 7000. I was knocked out. Didn't like the 8000, but years later bought one because I could edit better on it. This year my 7000 has gone, I have two 8000's (don't ask -- it's a long story) and I bought a 9000, which went for repair. I bought the 3000 while the 9K was away. It is the best so far.

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Dave Edwards passed away in June of 2006.- JW

MP3 Songs

You can download all of Dave's MIDI songs in this file:

Alphabetical List of MIDI Songs
Title T TS L C Style V K
All The Things You Are1064/4NYRumba023k
Autumn Leaves1124/4NYMultitrackon7k023k
Beautiful Friendship, A1084/4NYBebop013k
Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered1084/4NYAcousticJazz023k
Body And Soul1084/4NYEngineRoom2053k
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do954/4NY70sDiscoFunk013k
Breeze And I, The1084/4NYRumba033k
But Beautiful1084/4NYSlowFoxtrot013k
Darn That Dream1084/4NYFastJazz013k
Day In The Life Of A Fool, A1284/4NYChaChaCha013k
Days Of Wine And Roses1084/4NYEngineRoom063k
Eager Beaver1084/4NYBigBandFast1053k
Errol Garner Medley1004/4NN023k
From Russia With Love903/4NYEnglishWaltz053k
Here's That Rainy Day1144/4NYRumba013k
How Deep Is The Ocean1074/4NYGuitarRumba043k
How High The Moon1854/4NYJazzG1043k
How Insensitive1164/4NYBossa053k
I Love You1854/4NYBigBandFast1023k
I Wish I Knew1854/4NYEngineRoom063k
I'll Remember April1854/4NYBebop023k
In A Little Spanish Town1204/4NYChaChaCha063k
It Can't Be Wrong1084/4NYRhumba063k
It Could Happen To You1084/4NYLoungePiano033k
It's A Blue World1204/4NYRockChaCha053k
L'l Darlin'1084/4NYBigBandFast1053k
Last Waltz, The903/4NYEnglishWaltz033k
Like Someone In Love1084/4NYEngineRoom2043k
Little Boat1284/4NYChaChaCha023k
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing1084/4NYRumba033k
Love Is My Reason903/4NYCountryWaltz043k
Love Letters1184/4NYBossaNova1033k
Lovely Way To Spend An Evening, A903/4NYEnglishWaltz063k
My Cherie Amour1284/4NYChaChaCha033k
Nothing But A Lie1304/4NYTango063k
On A Clear Day1084/4NYOrchBigBand2043k
Once I Loved1204/4NYRockChaCha043k
One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else, The1084/4NYEngineRoom063k
Our Day Will Come1084/4NYBigBandSwing1033k
Put Your Dreams Away903/4NYEnglishWaltz043k
Samba De Orfeu1104/4NYSamba023k
Some Day My Prince Will Come1553/4NYJazzWaltzFast033k
Song Is You, The1854/4NYBigBandFast1053k
Taking A Chance On Love1854/4NYQuickstep063k
That's All1084/4NYEngineRoom2043k
There Will Never Be Another You1854/4NYClassicBigBand043k
Time Was1104/4NYSlowBossa053k
Touch Of Your Lips, The1304/4NYItalianTango013k
Try To Remember903/4NYChristmasWaltz053k
Very Thought Of You, The1064/4NYSlowBossa063k
Watch What Happens1134/4NY063k
What Now My Love1854/4NYBebop013k
When Lights Are Low1854/4NYBigBandFast1053k
You Don't Know Me1104/4NYCntrySing-a-Long043k
You'd Be So Easy To Love1204/4NYmultitracked8000033k