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Will Stewart

(Jun, 2002) - Motherwell, Central Scotland, UK. Will is a 47-year-old engineer, married with two young sons both learning to play piano (better than their dad, according to Will)!

Musical Background: After leaving High School in the early seventies, I started a band with some former school friends and played lead and rhythm guitar, playing covers of all the pop hits of the time. Over the following ten years, I changed the group line up and style several times and played a wide variety of music to suit the gig. Kind of lost interest after a while and put the guitar into retirement and played around with a couple of "toy" keyboards. But my enthusiasm for music was rekindled when I purchased a new PSR640 a couple of years ago. I was amazed at the quality of the sounds in this board and was unable to leave it alone for any length of time. I recorded a number of well-known songs and began composing my own original songs. I started to find the 32-note polyphony of the 640 a bit limiting for some of the more complex arrangements. So, a few months ago I decided to upgrade to the PSR-2000 and have been very impressed with it. Although I can follow a piece of sheet music, I have great difficulty sight-reading. Therefore, all my songs are played by ear, mostly multitracked on the 2000 with the occasional 'live' one. I have a varied taste in music and find I can listen to most genres, but my biggest influences were the British pop and rock groups of the sixties and seventies.

Click on this link to download Will's complete MIDI library:

Alphabetical Song Index
Title T TS L C Style V K
Almost Unplugged684/4NYUnplugged1022k
Angel Of The Morning724/4NY102k
Answer Me, My Love1064/4YYSingrSongWriter042k
Baker Street1104/4YYSingrSongWriter012k
Be My Baby1304/4YYBubblegumPop072k
Because They're Young1284/4YY60sGuitarPop042k
Bluegrass Bill1204/4YYBluegrass2052k
Both Sides Now664/4YY16BeatBallad2062k
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do624/4NY6-8Orchestral072k
Cajun Boogie1784/4YYCowboyBoogie052k
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You764/4YY16BeatBallad2042k
Carnival Of Trumpets1104/4NYRumbaFlamenca032k
Country Connection1284/4NYCountryRock022k
Cross Country1364/4YYCountryPop1032k
Dark Island, The843/4NYGuitarSerenade082k
Daydream Believer1164/4NY8Beat1012k
Dream A Little Dream Of Me1004/4YYCountrySwing1012k
Fistful Of Spaghetti1403/4YYCountryWaltz032k
Georgy Girl1324/4NY092k
Groovy Kind Of Love, A764/4YY16BeatBallad1062k
High Hopes1524/4NYSwing2072k
Hot S~x!1244/4NYSoulBeat022k
How High The Moon684/4NYUnplugged1072k
I Only Want To Be With You1424/4NY092k
I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman1124/4NYUSMarch072k
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight1484/4NYCountryPop1072k
I'm A Believer1484/4NY092k
I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)1264/4YYCountryShuffle012k
Island Of Dreams1124/4NYRumbaIsland092k
It's My Party1204/4NYDiscoParty102k
Just Jazz1654/4YYJazzClub052k
Kentucky Woman1404/4NYCountry8Beat2042k
Lady Madonna924/4NYHipShuffle092k
Lazy Sunday924/4YY8BeatModern032k
Long And Winding Road684/4YYPianoBallad062k
Love Hurts754/4YYRockBallad012k
March Melody1004/4NYSlow&Easy032k
Mighty Quinn964/4NY092k
Mist Covered Mountains1063/4YYGuitarSerenade062k
Moon River884/4YYPopWaltz042k
Mountain King1344/4YYTechnoPolis072k
My Way624/4NY6-8Orchestral042k
New Age Live724/4YYNewAge022k
Nights In White Satin784/4YYOrganBallad012k
No One Needs To Know1364/4NY082k
One Year On1063/4YYGuitarSerenade052k
Our Day Will Come924/4YY8BeatModern082k
Polka Dots1204/4YYPolkaPop022k
Riders In The Sky1154/4NY072k
River Deep, Mountain High1284/4NY092k
Rock Bottom1324/4YY032k
Sea Of Heartbreak1604/4NYCountrySwing1102k
Sealed With A Kiss964/4NY8BeatModern102k
Secret Love624/4YY6-8Orchestral062k
She's Not There1204/4YYRockChaCha062k
Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay1054/4NY092k
Song Of The Phoenix1583/4NYAcousticBallad032k
Soul Searchin'1074/4YYSoulShuffle052k
Space Walk944/4YYGroundbeat052k
Spanish Harlem1004/4NY8BeatAdria082k
Strawberry Jam1204/4YYAcustrkstyle052k
Sunday Scribble774/4NYPopBallad022k
Suspicious Minds1204/4YYRock+HalfTime082k
Swedish Rhapsody862/4YY082k
Swingin' Scotsman1524/4NYSwing2022k
This Guy's In Love With You804/4YYSlow&Easy042k
Ticket To Ride1164/4YYSVP/FreshFolk062k
Tooty Flooty684/4NYModCntryPop032k
Trains And Boats And Planes804/4YY16Beat062k
Trip To Tijuana2004/4YYTijuana032k
Unchained Melody644/4YY6-8ModernEP042k
Up Where We Belong744/4NY082k
Vienna Strings1803/4YYVienneseWaltz1052k
Walk Don't Run1484/4YYCountryPop1012k
Walking In The Shadows1324/4YY60sGuitarPop032k
Waterloo Sunset1144/4NY8Beat1102k
When You Walk In The Room1294/4NY082k
Will You Love Me Tomorrow1064/4NYSoulShuffle092k
With A Little Help From My Friends804/4NY16Beat082k
Wooden Heart1204/4YYCountrySwing1062k
World Without Love, A1304/4NY60s8Beat102k
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me704/4NY6-8Orchestral092k
You Got It1204/4YYRock+HalfTime012k
Young Love1054/4NY6-8SlowRock1042k
You've Got Your Troubles1284/4NY60sGuitarPop102k
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin924/4NY8BeatModern102k