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Ben Corsetti

(Dec, 2004) Ben Corsetti is currently living in Leesburg Florida in a +55 development.

Background: I started learning accordion at the age or 4 as my father was a music teacher and my mother a piano player. I was an accomplished accordionist by age 10 and playing all over the place locally. To work my way through college, I taught accordion and, later, trumpet and drums and had a small dance band. I played the accordion for about 40 years and then discovered keyboards that auto-constructed chords. I sold my last accordion 15 years ago and never looked back. I can play sheet music, but I really enjoy playing by ear. I, as some others of you, have the gift of knowing the correct chord to play at the right time.

I have owned a bunch of different Yamaha PSR series keyboards. I don't even remember all the numbers. My latest were 5700, 7000, 2000, and now, finally, the TYROS. My greatest pleasure in playing seems to be different from what I see submitted to the PSR site. What I really enjoy is to Pick a Style, Listen to the Style, and then select a song that matches the style. I rarely pick a song and look for a style. The first two groups of songs I have submitted reflect this in that I have named the Style and leave identifying the tune to the listener. These midi files are live performances that I recorded with all the mistakes we all make. Enjoy the midi files and good luck identifying the songs. I will continue to record more tunes in this manner and submit them in the future.

Some Tips on Faking It. The following is guaranteed to make many of you groan when you read further. I have a little secret to tell you all about faking (playing by ear) with the correct chords. I have about 40 years experience playing the Accordion. This may be the best preparation for faking songs that I can imagine. Why, you ask??. Because of the structure of the BASS on the accordion. Just picture the 120 bass buttons on an accordion. They are arranged in the most logical fashion imaginable. The Bass buttons are arranged in the order of key signatures. Starting with the marked button in the middle, they are (going up) C, G, D, A, E, B . Starting from C and going down - C, F, B flat, E flat, A flat, D flat.

Accordion Buttons from Db to B

Iin other words, going up: 1 sharp, 2 sharps, 3 sharps; going down: 1 flat, 2 flats, 3 flats, etc.. Consider the following. Start on C and go up one and down one row (C up to G, C down to F) and you have the major chords in the key of C. start from F and go up one and down one and you have the major chords in the key of F ( F up tp C, F down to B flat) . It works whereever you start on the bass of the accordion.

You want an Intro? Just start with the major chord and go up to the third button, then the second, then the first. For example, for the key of C, go to A, then D, then G, and back to C. Again, this will work wherever you start. This will work for about 80 percent of all songs.

Sorry all you non-accordion players.

Ben Corsetti

You can download all of Ben's MIDI songs in this file:

Title T TS L C Style V K
Ain't She Sweet1624/4NYSwing105T1
Alley Cat1484/4NYBigBandShuffle04T1
All The Way864/4NY07T1
Amazing Grace1024/4NY14T1
American Patrol1704/4NYTechnicsBigBand03T1
Angels We Have Heard On High964/4NY09T1
Around The World1624/4NYGuitarBossa112T1
Arrivederci Roma1224/4NY06T1
At Seventeen1304/4NY07T1
At The Hop1924/4NY11T1
Away In A Manger1004/4NY08T1
Away In A Manger1204/4NYRockChaCha13T1
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown1724/4NYDetroitPop102T1
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown1724/4NY11T1
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown1664/4NY12T1
Battle Hymn Of The Republic1124/4NYOrchestralMarch101T1
Battle Hymn Of The Republic1124/4NY10T1
Beer Barrell Polka1504/4NYOrchestralPolka01T1
Besame Mucho1254/4NY07T1
Best Things In Life Are Free, The1754/4NY11T1
Blue Christmas854/4NY08T1
Blue Spanish Eyes1304/4NY15T1
Bye Bye Blackbird2404/4NY10T1
Bye Bye Blues2054/4NYFastJazz04T1
Bye Bye Love1664/4NY06T1
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon1204/4NY06T1
Caro Papa1603/4NY15T1
Cats Theme574/4NY14T1
Chantilly Lace1504/4NY06T1
Clarinet Polka1204/4NYPolkaPop02T1
Darktown Strutters Ball1644/4NYJazzClub04T1
Darktown Strutters Ball1644/4NY07T1
Darktown Strutters Ball1924/4NYJazzPiano12T1
Disney Medley1284/4NY01T1
Disney Medley1284/4NY10T1
Do You Hear What I Hear1154/4NY08T1
Do You Hear What I Hear1014/4NY09T1
Elmer's Tune1304/4NYBigBandMed105T1
Feliz Navidad1164/4NY08T1
Feliz Navidad1004/4NYBigBandSamba13T1
Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue2064/4NYCharleston04T1
Frosty The Snowman2054/4NY08T1
Frosty The Snowman1104/4NYRumbaFlamenca13T1
God Bless America1124/4NYOrchestralMarch201T1
God Bless America1244/4NYOrchBigBand214T1
Good Life1244/4NY15T1
Green Eyes1204/4NYK7000ModernBegine03T1
Green Green Grass Of Home964/4NYBluesPiano112T1
Green Green Grass Of Home1044/4NY14T1
Hello Dolly1204/4NY30sBigBand04T1
I Hear Music1224/4NY07T1
I Hear Music2004/4NYOrganQuickStep10T1
I'll Be Home For Christmas1244/4NY09T1
I'll Be Home For Christmas1404/4NYBossaNova113T1
I Love You So804/4NY07T1
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus1204/4NY08T1
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus1724/4NY09T1
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus2004/4NYTijuana13T1
Isle Of Capri844/4NY15T1
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear1004/4NYLatinDisco213T1
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas1244/4NY09T1
Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White1284/4NYChaCha01T1
Joy To The World944/4NY09T1
Just Another Polka1284/4NYOberPolka02T1
Just Another Polka1194/4NY07T1
Lady Is A Tramp, The1754/4NYRolandJazz17503T1
Lady Is A Tramp, The1564/4NY07T1
La Paloma Blanka1244/4NY06T1
Last Christmas1094/4NY08T1
Last Farewell, The944/4NYEasyBallad05T1
Let It Be Me964/4NYKorgYamDuFrolich03T1
Let It Be Me754/4NY11T1
Love Boat, The1204/4NY70sTVTheme01T1
Love Boat, The1004/4NY15T1
Love Letters In The Sand894/4NY06T1
Love Me Tender804/4NY07T1
Love Train1234/4NY14T1
Mack The Knife1644/4NYJazzClub05T1
Mala Femmena1084/4NYTapDanceSwing01T1
Mala Femmena1004/4NY11T1
Mary's Boy Child1104/4NY08T1
Mary's Boy Child1004/4NY09T1
Mary's Boy Child1124/4NYMerengue13T1
Me And My Shadow1244/4NYTapDanceSwing02T1
Mexican Hat Dance1244/4NYKP80RASPA03T1
Moonlight Seranade614/4NY15T1
Moonlight Serenade824/4NYMoonlightBallad04T1
Music Box Dancer1124/4NYArpeggio112T1
My Blue Heaven11544/4NY11T1
My Blue Heaven21804/4NY11T1
My Way884/4NYArpeggio212T1
New York, New York1204/4NY10T1
New York, New York1144/4NY14T1
Ob La Di, Ob La Da1224/4NY10T1
Ob La Di, Ob La Da1204/4NYPiano8Beat12T1
Oh My Love804/4NY10T1
O Holy Night1204/4NY09T1
Old MacDonald1254/4NY10T1
On The Sunny Side Of The Street1164/4NY06T1
Peg O' My Heart1434/4NY10T1
Peg O' My Heart1264/4NY11T1
Please Answer Me864/4NYRolandPBallad03T1
Quando Quando Quando1084/4NYMambo02T1
Red Roses For A Blue Lady1124/4NYMovieSwing05T1
Repaz Band1244/4NY11T1
Ring Of Fire1144/4NYItalianTango01T1
Ring Of Fire1204/4NY15T1
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer1524/4NY08T1
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer1024/4NYBigBandSalsa13T1
Sail Along Silvery Moon1054/4NY6-8SlowRock205T1
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town1604/4NYPopBossa213T1
Scottish Silent Night903/4NY09T1
Silent Night1244/4NYGypsyRumba13T1
Silver Bells1703/4NY09T1
Sleepy Time Gal1524/4NYSwing204T1
Someone's Knocking1054/4NYCountry2-414T1
Stangers In The Night824/4NYBigBandBallad04T1
Summer Place, A904/4NY6-8Orchestral05T1
Summer Samba1334/4NY15T1
Sweet Sue, Just You1544/4NYClassicBigBand05T1
Tea For Two1214/4NYKP80ChaCha03T1
That's My Baby1204/4NY30sBigBand14T1
There's A Kind Of Hush1304/4NY06T1
Tico Tico1204/4NYOrganSamba01T1
Tijuana Taxi2004/4NYTijuana02T1
Wake Up Little Susie1804/4NY11T1
What A Wonderful World734/4NY6-8SlowRock105T1
When I Fall In Love794/4NY06T1
When I'm 651844/4NYPianoRag112T1
White Christmas964/4NY08T1
Who's Sorry Now1524/4NYP9000BigBand403T1
Winchester Cathedral1484/4NYBigBandShuffle04T1
Yes, Sir That's My Baby1204/4NY30sBigBand05T1
Yester Me1204/4NYCubanBolero02T1
You're Just In Love1204/4NYKP80BigBand203T1