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Craig's Jukebox

See MP3 Index (below) to listen to and/or download all of Craig's songs.


A little bit about me

Influenced around music of the 60’s, 70’s, adn 80’s; I’ve always enjoyed all types of music. From my first PSR and the progression of the PSR and Tyros line developing into more and more powerful arranger workstations, they have become more realistic each time.

I played and studied the trumpet when young and was eventually in a brass ensemble; but not before driving my sister's crazy with all the clinkers and trying to play it. Developed an interest in the keyboard arranger workstations a few years back and I try at times to get creative with them as I feel you can do so much with them today.

I like the piano but keep gravitating towards the keyboards for some reason. (A one man band). I play mostly on ear (sometimes even with my fingers) and will continue to learn on these great instruments. There are many talented people on this site, and I am happy to be a part of it.

-- Craig "Keyboardist

Update: In November, 2012, Craig moved from his PSR-2000 to the new PSR-S950.


Craig's MP3 Songs (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. All of Craig's songs are listed below alphabetically by title. Click on any song title to listen to and/or download the song. Date links go to discussions in the PSR Tutorial Forum.


1999 (PSR-S950) 1/29/2016

867-5309 Jenny (PSR-S950) 1/7/2016

Addicted To Love (PSR-S950) 1/7/2016

Aint Nobody (PSR-S950) 10/25/2015

Alfie (PSR-S950) 4/20/2016

All Along The Watch Tower (PSR-S950) 6/12/2015

Alone (PSR-S950) 2/12/2017

Alone Again Naturally (PSR-S950) 1/7/2016

Angel (PSR-S950) 6/18/2017

Another Day In Paradise (PSR-S950) 7/14/2016

Arthur's Theme Best That You Can Do (PSR-S950) 1/16/2017

At The Hop (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Baby I Love Your Way (PSR-S950) 3/1/2017

Bad Moon Rising (PSR-S950) 5/12/2015

Biggest Part of Me (PSR-S950) 11/9/2016

Blue Moon (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Blue Skies (PSR-S950) 4/23/2015

Borderline (PSR-S950) 10/25/2015

Breezin (PSR-S950) 4/30/2017

Brian's Song - The Hands of Time (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show (PSR-S950) 10/21/2016

Brown Eyed Girl (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

Calypso (PSR-S950) 1/29/2016

Cant Get You Out Of My Head (PSR-S950) 3/1/2017

Carry Anne (PSR-S950) 11/20/2015

Cathy's Clown (PSR-S950) 5/19/2017

Cherish (PSR-S950) 9/17/2015

Comfortably Numb (PSR-S950) 4/30/2017

Could It Be Magic (PSR-S950) 2/13/2015

Cruising for Bruising (PSR-S950) 5/30/2016

Daybreak (PSR-S950) 10/21/2016

Do It Again Beach Boys (PSR-S950) 8/23/2015

Do You Feel Like I Do (PSR-S950) 5/30/2016

Don't Give Up On Us (PSR-S950) 11/20/2015

Don't Speak (PSR-S950) 11/20/2015

Down Under (PSR-S950) 5/30/2016

Down Under (PSR-S950) 2/7/2015

The End of the World (PSR-S950) 1/16/2017

Eres tu (PSR-S950) 10/21/2016

Eres Tu (PSR-S950) 1/29/2016

Everyday (PSR-S950) 11/9/2016

Evil Ways (PSR-S950) 3/14/2016

Evil Women (PSR-S950) 3/1/2017

Fantasy (PSR-S950) 7/14/2016

Father and Son (PSR-S950) 3/6/2017

Feelin' Stronger Every Day (PSR-S950) 4/20/2016

The Final Countdown (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

Fly Like An Eagle (PSR-S950) 2/12/2017

GhostBusters (PSR-S950) 11/9/2016

Going Up The Country (PSR-S950) 6/18/2017

Handy Man (PSR-S950) 5/30/2016

Have I Told You Lately (PSR-S950) 10/21/2016

Have You Ever Seen The Rain (PSR-S950) 10/21/2016

Hawaii Five 0 (PSR-S950) 5/4/2017

Heart of the Matter (PSR-S950) 5/30/2016

Heaven Is A Place On Earth (PSR-S950) 10/25/2015

Hello (PSR-S950) 3/14/2016

Higher Ground (PSR-S950) 1/7/2016

Holdin' On To Yesterday (PSR-S950) 5/19/2017

A Horse with No Name (PSR-S950) 11/20/2015

Hotel California 2 (PSR-S950) 1/29/2016

I Am The Walwus (PSR-S950) 6/19/2016

I Can't Make You Love Me (PSR-S950) 9/17/2015

I Just Wanna Stop (PSR-S950) 3/6/2017

I Only Have Eyes For You (PSR-S950) 3/6/2017

I Think I Love You (PSR-S950) 11/9/2016

I Will Always Love You (PSR-S950) 7/14/2016

I Won't Last a Day Without You (PSR-S950) 6/18/2017

I'd Love To Change The World6.2 (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

I'm Like a Bird (PSR-S950) 4/30/2017

If (PSR-S950) 1/7/2016

In Try (PSR-S950) 1/16/2017

In Your Eyes (PSR-S950) 10/25/2015

Inside And Out (PSR-S950) 7/14/2016

Islands In The Stream (PSR-S950) 11/20/2015

It Don't Come Easy (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

It's A Mistake (PSR-S950) 7/14/2016

It's Too Late (PSR-S950) 1/29/2016

Jeopardy (PSR-S950) 10/25/2015

Land Slide (PSR-S950) 4/30/2017

Lay Lady Lay (PSR-S950) 5/12/2015

Let It Be Me (PSR-S950) 9/17/2015

Levon (PSR-S950) 5/19/2017

Jet Airliner (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Just Dance (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

Kentucky Woman (PSR-S950) 3/14/2016

La La Means I Love You (PSR-S950) 1/16/2017

Light My Fire (PSR-S950) 1/29/2016

Little More Time With You (PSR-S950) 5/12/2015

Locomotive Breath (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Love Will Keep Us Together (PSR-S950) 11/9/2016

Luka (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

MacArthur Park (PSR-S950) 11/9/2016

Magic Man (PSR-S950) 9/17/2015

Main Street (PSR-S950) 1/7/2016

Maria (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

Massachusetts (PSR-S950) 5/4/2017

Money For Nothing (PSR-S950) 9/17/2015

More Than a Women (PSR-S950) 5/4/2017

My Maria (PSR-S950) 4/30/2017

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (PSR-S950) 4/30/2017

Never Be The Same (PSR-S950) 3/13/2015

Never My Love (PSR-S950) 9/17/2015

New York Mining Disaster (PSR-S950) 8/23/2015

New York Minute (PSR-S950) 5/30/2016

Night Train (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Nights In White Satin (PSR-S950) 9/17/2015

Nights On Broadway (PSR-S950) 2/12/2017

Not Fade Away (PSR-S950) 6/12/2015

Nowhere Man (PSR-S950) 3/13/2015

Oh Girl (PSR-S950) 1/16/2017

Oh Sherrie (PSR-S950) 9/17/2015

Old Habits Die Hard (PSR-S950) 3/14/2016

On The Beach (PSR-S950) 6/19/2016

One is The Loneliest Number (PSR-S950) 4/30/2017

Only Time (PSR-S950) 10/21/2016

Out In The Country (PSR-S950) 2/12/2017

Pie Jesu (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

The Pink Panther Theme (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Pleasant Valley Sunday (PSR-S950) 5/4/2017

Rainy Days And Mondays (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

Ring Of Fire (PSR-S950) 4/23/2015

Rocket Man (PSR-S950) 5/19/2017

Runaway (PSR-S950) 11/9/2016

Sealed With A Kiss (PSR-S950) 6/18/2017

Shambala (PSR-S950) 4/20/2016

She's Not There (PSR-S950) 3/14/2016

Shilo (PSR-S950) 10/21/2016

Shiny Happy People (PSR-S950) 1/7/2016

Show Me The Way (PSR-S950) 3/1/2017

Signs (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Solitary Man (PSR-S950) 10/21/2016

Somebody To Love (PSR-S950) 6/12/2015

Someday Soon (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

Something To Talk About (PSR-S950) 11/20/2015

Somewhere (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

SOS (PSR-S950) 2/7/2015

Stayin Alive (PSR-S950) 6/19/2016

Strawberry Letter (PSR-S950) 2/13/2015

Sukiyaki (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Summer in the City (PSR-S950) 4/20/2016

Sundown (PSR-S950) 6/18/2017

Sundown (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Sweet Home Alabama (PSR-S950) 6/12/2015

Take It Easy (PSR-S950) 4/20/2016

Take The Long Way Home (PSR-S950) 3/6/2017

Take The Money And Run (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Thank You (PSR-S950) 3/13/2015

Thick As A Brick (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Think Of Laura (PSR-S950) 3/13/2015

This Diamond Ring (PSR-S950) 5/19/2017

Time (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Time After Time (PSR-S950) 1/29/2016

Time After Time (vocal) (PSR-S950) 2/13/2015

Tired of Waiting for You (PSR-S950) 5/19/2017

Tired of Waiting for You (PSR-S950) 3/14/2016

To Love Somebody (PSR-S950) 5/19/2017

Tonight (PSR-S950) 8/23/2015

Too Much Heaven (PSR-S950) 8/23/2015

Top Gun (PSR-S950) 1/29/2016

True Love Ways (PSR-S950) 2/12/2017

Turn Turn Turn (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Unforgetable (PSR-S950) 10/25/2015

Venus (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Venus (Frankie Avalon) (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

Waiting For A Girl Like You (PSR-S950) 5/12/2015

Walk Of Life (PSR-S950) 8/23/2015

Walk On By (PSR-S950) 7/14/2016

The Way It Is (PSR-S950) 5/30/2016

We've Only Just Begun (PSR-S950) 8/9/2015

While You See A Chance (PSR-S950) 2/7/2015

A Whiter Shade Of Pale (PSR-S950) 6/12/2015

Who'll Stop the Rain (PSR-S950) 10/21/2016

Who's That Girl (PSR-S950) 10/25/2015

Will You Love Me Tomorrow (PSR-S950) 9/17/2015

Wonder (PSR-S950) 10/25/2015

Wonder Of You (PSR-S950) 7/25/2015

Words (PSR-S950) 8/23/2015

Wrapped Around My Finger (PSR-S950) 1/7/2016

Wreak Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (PSR-S950) 6/18/2017

Yesterday Once More (PSR-S950) 8/23/2015

You Should Be Dancing (PSR-S950) 5/4/2017

You'll Never Walk Alone (PSR-S950) 3/6/2017

Your Song (PSR-S950) 5/4/2017