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(Jun, 2002) - Paul Jackson lives in Geelong Australia. He is 30 years of age and works for Ford Motor Co. as a Training Facilitator. His hobbies are playing keyboard and golf (although he has been advised to stick to keyboard since he has an 18 handicap as a golfer). Paul likes going to the gym when time permits and is always a happy-go-lucky kind of guy.

Musical Background: My first keyboard was a very small Casio with 1/2 size keys that only had about six styles and just as many voices. I had that keyboard for about five years until my fingers were just too big to play it anymore. So I begged the golden oldies for a new one and upgraded to a Yamaha PSR something. I can't remember the model, but compared to the small Casio, it was like upgrading from a mini minor to a Ferrari. I had that keyboard for about four years, and then, after I joined the work force, I realised I could afford an even better keyboard. One day, when I happened to hear someone playing the Roland E-30, my heart skipped a beat -- I couldn't believe the sound quality that was coming from this keyboard. I had to have me one of these suckers. Then I saw the price tag and my heart skipped another beat: $2,500 Australian. But, I worked my butt off for two months and then went in and bought it. I didn't sleep for week; the only time I came out of my bedroom was to eat and go to work. The rest of the time I was making noise.

I've still got that keyboard. but it never gets used now. I bought a PSR GX76 in June, '01 and this June I bought the PSR-2000. I'm still learning my way around the 2000, but I am having heaps of fun with it. It's so flexible in what you can do with it; it gives you so many options. I've played one gig at a function with a friend of mine who was singing. We have a couple more gigs lined up around some of the clubs in the next month or so, but generally I just play at home for my own amusement. I use the PSR GX76 as the bottom keyboard and use it mainly as a piano since it has 76 keys. I use the PSR-2000 on the top for everything else. (Double Stack arrangement, that way it makes me look professional.hehe). I've never had lessons, and cannot read music, so I play all my songs by ear.

Click on this link to download Paul's complete MIDI library:


Alphabetical List of MIDI Songs
Title T TS L C Style V K
All My Loving1764/4NYJive012k
All Shook Up1634/4NY032k
Benny Hill Theme1264/4NYPolkaPop052k
Blue Moon804/4NYMoonlightBallad032k
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You1224/4NY70sDisco3062k
Country Roads1804/4NYCountryPop2032k
Crazy Little Thing Called Love1694/4NYJive022k
Crocodile Rock1764/4NYCrocoTwist052k
Danny Boy1004/4NY8BeatAdria062k
Don't Leave Me This Way1224/4NY70sDisco2062k
Fly Me To The Moon1304/4NYBigBandMed2012k
I Believe1524/4NYRock+HalfTime062k
I Can See Clearly Now1284/4NYSoulBeat012k
I Do I Do1424/4NY8Beat2052k
I Just Died In Your Arms1264/4NYHeartBeat052k
I Only Want To Be With You1424/4NYCountry8Beat2052k
I Turn To You1464/4NYTechnoPolis012k
I'll Make Love To You484/4NYBeguine042k
Just Can't Get Enough1274/4NY052k
Just The Way You Are1244/4NYSoulBeat022k
Killing Me Softly1044/4NYHipHopPop022k
Letter, The1724/4NY032k
Livin' Thing1204/4NYRock+HalfTime062k
Love Is In The Air1274/4NY032k
Lyin' Eyes1354/4NYCountry8Beat2032k
Moonlight Shadow1304/4NYTechnoParty042k
Mr Sandman2064/4NYCharleston032k
Must Have Been Love844/4NY042k
My Little Runaway1524/4NY60sRock1012k
My Way1204/4NYSwingHouse022k
Nothing Else Matters1583/4NYAcousticBallad042k
Only When I Sleep764/4NY16Beat052k
Riders In The Sky1284/4NYHoedown032k
Rock Around The Clock1764/4NY012k
Some Girls1704/4NY60sRock&Roll022k
Some Girls1704/4NY60sRock&Roll012k
Somethin' Stupid1124/4NYRumba012k
Sultans Of Swing1394/4NY042k
Telephone Line754/4NYRockBallad062k
This Old House1764/4NYRock&Roll1022k
Tie A Yellow Ribbon1924/4NYOrganQuickStep052k
Toccata Fugue & Entertainer1104/4NN042k
Treat Me Nice1424/4NY022k
Turn To Stone1424/4NYRockShuffle062k
Uk Wartimes Medley1164/4NYUSMarch032k
Walk Of Life1674/4NY042k
What About Me1364/4NY8Beat2062k
When I Fall In Love704/4NYLoveSong012k
Where The Streets Have No Name1334/4NYEuroTrance062k
Why Does It Always Rain On Me1104/4NY042k
Wonderful Tonight894/4NYSecretService052k
You Can't Hurry Love1814/4NYDetroitPop1042k
Your Song924/4NY8BeatModern022k