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Frank Blecha

(August, 2006) My wife of 43 years, Tessie, and I reside near Oroville, Ca. We have three children, two sons in the Columbus, Ohio area, and a daughter who lives in San Francisco, and 10 grandkids, all in Ohio -- much to their Grandmother’s disdain. I spent seven years in the Air Force in the early sixties and then worked for several AeroSpace companies before joining Dow Chemical. I retired from Dow as a senior programmer with an electronics/hardware background in 1995 at age 51. Since then, I have totally remodeled two houses and built a new home for Tessie and myself.

Musical Background: My known memory was around music with his parents. Mother was an accomplished pianist and singer who played piano and organs for many years at the local churches. Father was a talented, self-taught musician playing keyboards and many other instruments. My earliest music training was a few months on Hammond organ in the mid-50’s. I played drums for street marching and clarinet in high school, but I never really applied myself. In the early years of marriage, I had a Lowry organ and then a Hammond 526c. My love of music was enhanced in the 80’s with the inception of midi. I do like to play music, but I also find the tinkering, learning and putting together hardware/software and music creation to be great sport. After I retired, the keyboards were in mothballs for better than 10 years. After moving into out new home in April 2005, I brought out the keyboards, along with a newer DGX-200. Discovering PSR styles and One Man Band (OMB) gave me new impetus to make music using someone else’s talented style creations.

I joined the PSRTutorial group in Sept 2005 and its been a wonderful journey ever since. I put together enough moola to purchase a PSR3000 in April 2006 and discovered two unknown abilities, poetry (triggered by Dennis), which a lot of you have suffered through, and song composing/writing.

This is the first forum I’ve joined in 15 or so years on the net. I was so impressed with the quality, the availability of songs/styles, and the overall feel of this website. This last year has been one of the most pleasurable periods of time in my life as I’ve talked with a lot of you. Your help, guidance, and advice has helped me Leapfrog way ahead. Again, we all owe a great deal to Mr. Joe Waters, who’s spent countless hours building and maintaining his Creation the "PSRTutorial."

MP3 Songs

MIDI Songs

You can download all of Frank's MIDI songs here:

Title T TS L C Style V K
Adobo 124 4/4 N Y CountrySwing1 03 3k
Alps Waltz 71 4/4 N Y 6-8SchlagerBld 02 3k
Around This Home 80 4/4 N Y 03 3k
Back From There 100 4/4 N Y Cool8Beat 03 3k
Biergarten 115 4/4 N Y SchlagerPop 01 3k
Blue Tears (c) 80 4/4 N Y CntrySing-a-Long 04 3k
Break Me 66 4/4 N Y ModCntryBld1 03 3k
Breeze (c) 94 4/4 N Y 04 3k
Celtic Wave (c) 110 4/4 N Y 04 3k
Chasing Me (c) 130 4/4 N Y 04 3k
Come Away With Me 120 3/4 N N 03 3k
Come Dancing With Me (c) 95 3/4 N Y GuitarSerenade 04 3k
Delightful 106 3/4 N Y GuitarSerenade 01 3k
Doodley Do (c) 108 4/4 N Y SlowFox 04 3k
Drifting (c) 85 4/4 N Y 04 3k
Fairy Dance 124 4/4 N Y DiscoFox 02 3k
Feeling Lucky 184 4/4 N Y CntrySing-a-Long 02 3k
Follow Him Along (c) 75 4/4 N Y WorshipSlow 04 3k
Forboding 64 4/4 N Y Slow&Easy 01 3k
Frank Ys Polka 116 4/4 N Y PartyPolka 02 3k
Get There Again (c) 112 4/4 N Y 04 3k
Git Along Slide (c) 180 4/4 N Y 05 3k
Good Old Elijah (c) 118 4/4 N Y NewCountry 04 3k
Got It 118 4/4 N Y Bebop 03 3k
Graceful Breeze (c) 77 4/4 N Y PopBallad 05 3k
Happy Flow 100 4/4 N Y Cool8Beat 01 3k
Happy Sad (c) 120 4/4 N Y 05 3k
Happy Stroll (c) 119 4/4 N Y 05 3k
Hay Cowboy 130 4/4 N N CountrySwing1 03 3k
Here N There (c) 100 4/4 N Y 05 3k
Hold Me Near 75 4/4 N Y EPBallad 01 3k
I'm Beside You 80 4/4 N Y GuitarBallad 01 3k
I'm Tired Tonight 66 4/4 N Y ModCntryBld1 02 3k
I Will Follow 140 4/4 N Y Unplugged1 03 3k
Lazy Sombrero 92 4/4 N Y GuitarBallad 01 3k
Lederhausen 165 3/4 N Y ScandWaltz 02 3k
Lee Loo (c) 128 4/4 N Y 05 3k
Let's Say I Love You 100 4/4 Y Y Cool8Beat 03 3k
Lonely Road (c) 89 4/4 N Y 05 3k
Long Dusty Road 92 4/4 N Y GuitarBallad 02 3k
Long Hard Day (c) 109 4/4 N Y 05 3k
Lovely (c) 100 3/4 N Y GuitarSerenade 05 3k
Magnificent (c) 80 4/4 N Y 05 3k
Ragtime Strut 128 4/4 N Y Showtune 01 3k
Smooth Walk 94 4/4 N Y Groundbeat 02 3k
Time With Me Darlin 130 4/4 N N EasyListening 03 3k
Today 64 4/4 N Y Slow&Easy 01 3k
Walk With Me 68 4/4 N Y GuitarBallad 02 3k
Way Out There 80 4/4 N N Chillout 02 3k
Why Are We Here 94 4/4 N Y Groundbeat 01 3k