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Brian Haylett

(May, 2003) I live in Norfolk, on the east coast of England.

Musical Background. (4/24/06) My early musical life was notable for its negative side: my junior-school singing teacher insisted that I move my mouth but not utter a sound in class choirs. My senior-school teacher was renowned for banging a key on the head of anyone who did not "sing up," but he put the key away when he came to me. So I was strictly a listener (to the "wireless" - no record players then) and a watcher of countless cinema musicals.

Having turned down the chance to learn the piano, I turned to literature; and it was not until years after I left university with hood and mortar board (in truth, I never had the second at all) that I bought a cheap acoustic guitar. I never learned to tune this, and certainly never played a song on it. But it led eventually to my getting an organ, then another organ, and so on through countless trade-ins over 30 years or so. I am entirely self-taught, as people have been known to mutter.

While I played organ, I was told how superior the piano player was. As soon as I switched to keyboard, I was told that playing the organ was so very skillful. I reasoned that, by these arguments, a symphony orchestra would be led by a one-man-band performer, and players of flute and oboe would be in the gutter. In fact, the 9000Pro proved an excellent breakthrough (combined with retirement from teaching), and not only a good cure for left-leg pain.

Now I have Tyros2 and can hardly stop playing - always at home; I am no public performer. The problem with T2 playing is that the SA voices do not play back in other models, so I have used MidiPlayer to produce 2k duplicates of my T2 midis.

For anyone wondering about my website, it began as a resource for attachment-deprived members of Yahoo groups and has now gone with the wind.

You download Brian's MIDI songs in this file:

Title T TS L C Style V K
Adelaide (c)1404/4NY05T2
Anema E Core1084/4NYRumba06T2
At Last1244/4NY089P
At My Time Of Life824/4NYLoungePiano019P
At Times864/4NY06T2
Baby, Let Me Take You Dreaming1204/4NY07T2
Ballroom Medley1004/4NNQuickstep019P
Because Of You764/4NY05T2
Belinda Bounce1304/4NYAcousticJazz089P
Biab1 (c)1204/4NYFoxtrot2019P
Billie (c)1204/4NYFoxtrot2019P
Blue Cat904/4NY05T2
Born To Blush1204/4NNFoxtrot2029P
Bossa Slowa (c)1044/4NYGuitarBossa019P
By The Fireside1334/4NYDixieland105T2
Call Me Irresponsible1264/4NYOrchestraSwing105T2
Dearly Beloved1504/4NY07T2
Desert Air1004/4NNFoxtrot2029P
Die Juliska Aus Budapest1274/4NY06T2
Familiar Lady (c)724/4NY05T2
First Out1024/4NN16BeatDanceShuffle029P
Give Me The Simple Life1204/4NY089P
Hey Patricia (c)1204/4NYSwing1019P
Hold My Hand1204/4NYFoxtrot2019P
I Cover The Waterfront1334/4NYOrchBigBand203T2
If He Walked Into My Life894/4NY05T2
If I Had You864/4NY40sBigBand06T2
If I Knew Then824/4NY40sBigBand07T2
I'll Be Around824/4NYMidnightSwing089P
I'll Be There1304/4NY089P
I'm Not At All In Love1803/4NY04T2
January (c)1554/4NYFoxtrot2019P
Joker, The1364/4NY03T2
June Breeze1084/4NNSlowfox1029P
Just An Old Fashioned Girl694/4NY03T2
Luna Rossa904/4NYCubanBolero04T2
Man In Moon1484/4NYOrchBigBand106T2
Man That Got Away, The824/4NY40sBigBand04T2
Minor Delay (c)1664/4NYAcousticJazz019P
My Romance1204/4NY07T2
My Ship824/4NY40sBigBand04T2
Night We Called It A Day, The824/4NY40sBigBand039P
Oh. Look At Me1504/4NYTapDanceSwing06T2
Oh Maiden My Maiden854/4NY6-8Orchestral04T2
One Boy1264/4NYOrchestraSwing104T2
One Night Of Love963/4NYGuitarSerenade049P
Paradise Again (c)1264/4NYOrchestraSwing105T2
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps1174/4NY03T2
Put On Your Sunday Clothes1304/4NY07T2
Rainbow Waltz1543/4NYVienneseWaltz029P
Rebel In Town1204/4NY04T2
Stroll On1184/4NNAcousticJazz029P
St Therese Of The Roses864/4NYSlowFox07T2
Sweetheart Tree983/4NYEnglishWaltz07T2
There Must Be A Way774/4NYBigBandMed104T2
This Heart Of Mine704/4NYCoolJazzBallad04T2
This Is My Lovely Day1104/4NYBigBandMed1069P
Till The End Of Time864/4NY40sBigBand07T2
Time On My Hands1254/4NY03T2
Trumpeter's Prayer, A1104/4NYCubanBolero06T2
Twilight (c)1164/4NYSlowFox05T2
Until The Real Thing Comes Along864/4NY40sBigBand03T2
We'll Be Together Again904/4NYBigBandMed1089P
We Need A Little Christmas1584/4NYChristmasSwing06T2
Why Try To Change Me Now944/4NYEasyBallad089P
Without A Word Of Warning1204/4NY05T2
Yorkshire Parade1204/4NY03T2
You And The Night And The Music914/4NY089P
You Don't Know What Love Is744/4NY07T2
You Make Me Feel So Young1354/4NY089P
You've Got Your Troubles1424/4NYMediumJazz039P



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