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Bob Gelman

(May, 2003) I'm 57 and live near San Francisco, California. I started playing the accordion when I was 10. I bought my first Yamaha PSR keyboard about 20 years ago. I am the moderator of the PSR-Songs and PSR-Styles Groups on Yahoo. Here are a couple of "Jewish Wedding Music" songs, a/k/a "Klezmer." In the third volume I have added some Russian songs. All are "live" Quick Records, no editing, multi-tracking, or sequencing. I made these files a few years ago on my PSR-630. I currently play a PSR-9000. The photo shows me on top of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

You can download all of Bob's songs in this file:

Alphabetical List of MIDI Songs
Title Tempo TS Lyrics Chords Volume Keyboard
Artza Alinu1044/4NY01PSR630
Bashana Haba'a1044/4NY01PSR630
Baym Rebins Sude904/4NY01PSR630
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen904/4NY01PSR630
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen904/4NY03PSR630
Der Muzinikal922/4NY01PSR630
Di Rayze Nukh Amerike984/4NY02PSR630
Freilach In Dm1084/4NY02PSR630
Hava Nagila1174/4NY02PSR630
In Odess'884/4NY03PSR630
More Than Once1094/4NY03PSR630
Nakhtin Gan Eydn, A884/4NY02PSR630
Nyet Nyet1004/4NY03PSR630
Oy Mama864/4NY01PSR630
Oy S'iz Gut884/4NY01PSR630
Oy Tate804/4NY03PSR630
Rusishe Sher764/4NY03PSR630
Shein Vi Di L'vone834/4NY02PSR630
Sidney B's Bulgar1064/4NY02PSR630
Sunrise Sunset704/4NY02PSR630
To Life1204/4NY03PSR630
Two Guitars594/4NY03PSR630
Vi Ahin Zol Ikh Geyn1044/4NY02PSR630
Vivat Far Di Mekhatunim, A1144/4NY01PSR630
Vus Du Vilst1084/4NY02PSR630