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Over the years, many Yamaha owners have contributed their songs to the PSR Tutorial. Proud owners of these arranger keyboards were happy to share their music with others. When we started, the PSR-9000 was the top of the line arranger keyboard. In the mid-range models, the new PSR-2000 series was just introduced replacing the earlier PSR-740 series. On these keyboards, it is relatively easy to create a midi file of a player's performance. So, aspiring PSR Performers were required to submit a "volume" of 10 midi songs to get their page launched on the PSR Tutorial's PSR Performers section. The requirement to submit a batch of 10 songs was intended to narrow the candidates down to more serious, dedicated players. And it worked.

A Wealth of MIDI songs

Many performers submitted multiple volumes of songs, so you will find thousands of midi files available in these pages. Also, of course, over time players upgraded their keyboards and new performers joined the group. As a result, there are songs from a wide variety of Yamaha arranger keyboards from those early mid-range models up to and including the latest PSR-S series models. There are also lots of samples of music from the different Tyros models.

The Evolution to MP3

The Yamaha keyboards in the last several years made it much easier for players to create MP3 files. It was still easy to create a midi file, but midi files created on a Yamaha keyboard sounded best when played back on another Yamaha keyboard. Played from a computer, which did not have the wonderful sounds of the arranger keyboards available, the midi file could not accurately reproduced the original performance. However, an MP3 file not only provided a good rendering of the performance, it could be played by anyone whether they had a Yamaha keyboard or not. Thus, performers switched to sharing their songs using the MP3 format. As a result, you will find performer pages in this section that include both midi files and MP3 files. Many, however, may have only MP3 songs and others may have only midi files.

Performer Pages

On each performer page, you will find a picture of the performer and a brief musical biography. A bar at the top of the page (like the one shown above) shows the keyboard songs available on that page. MP3 songs are shown in a list below the artist's picture. Clicking on any of these songs should launch an MP3 player on your computer so you can listen to and/or download the song. The midi songs are shown in a table and include information on the tempo and style used to create the song. While individual midi songs can be downloaded by right-clicking, all of a performer's midi songs can be downloaded in a single large zip file. These midi songs should play on any Yamaha keyboard you may have.


All the performer names are shown in a sidebar on the right side of each page arranged alphabetically by first name. Click on any name to go to that player's page. There are also buttons at the top of each page that will take you to the next (or previous) performer in the alphabetical list.

While Yamaha arranger keyboards have improved over all these years, you may be surprised at how good the music is from all of these keyboards, even the earliest models. So be sure to take advantage of these "archived" pages. There are hundreds of MP3s available here and thousands of midi files.