PSR2000 to PSRS970, Tyros1 to Genos

Archived Performers

Alan Paganelli-T1
Alex Green-T4
Alex Kruger-CVP3
Ben Corsetti-T1
Bill McCracken-75
Bill Mulholland-T1
Bill Venice-T3
Bob Boyd-3k
Bob Gelman-630
Bob McKinney-T4
Brian Haylett-T2
Brian Miles-77
Bruce Milne-T3
Chico Brazil-S9-xxx
Chris Bell-T2
Chuck Hunt-T2
Clem Ebber-C4
Cynthia Cooke-91
Dave Bate-3k
Dave Church-T3
Dave Edwards-3k
Dave Kennedy-T3
Deane Peters-G1
Del Kay-T4
Dennis Hooker-3k
Diane Villafane-S9
Eddie Shoemaker-3k
Eileen Lowry-T4
Frank Blecha-3k
Frank Filipo-3k
Gary Coupe-21
Gary Diamond-3k
Gary Kilby-3k
Gloria Hanson-S9
Grant Cantrill-95
Hal Eaton-2k
Harry BrownRigg-21
Heikki Kahkola-3k
Hermann Schunk-T2
Jaap Poetsma-2k
James Gracey-T5
Janet Griffin-T3
Janie Kroese-T2
Jerry Ernst-3k
Joe Francis-740
John Phillips-S9
John Radford-T2
John Vishnoff-T4
Joseph Hart-91
Judy Short-T4
Julio Cazes-S9
Kees Schouten-T2
Ken Stenzel-T4
Ken Toone-605
Larry Gard-2k
Larry Warner-21
L R Mitchell-740
Lynn Rae Couch-S9
Manoj Yarashi-71
Marcelo Gaspar-3k
Mark Chapman-71
Mark Dew-T5
Mark Styles-T4
Mike Clarke-S9
Michael MacDonald-3k
Mike Szmania-91
Morrie Reece-T5
Neal Saunders-T3
Patricia Jacobsen-71
Patrick Hannequin-91
Paul Jackson-2k
Pauline Z-T2
Peter Gasser-T4
Phil Hall-T1
Randy Sherwood-97
Rich Herzog-15
Richard Peck-2k
Robert Lauzon-T1
Rocco Noschese-T4
Sergio Covarrubias
Spike Hindley-2k
Steen Rasmussen-91
Stephen Molnar-G1
Sunny Haddleton-T3
Susie Drage-T4
Ton Anthonie-S9
Torben Goldin-T3
Udo Becker-T3
Valentino Rossetti-77
Vince Andreone-T1
Warren Peters-3k
Will Stewart-2k
Yuriy Baygush-E3



Over the years, many Yamaha owners contributed their songs to the PSR Tutorial. Proud owners of these arranger keyboards were happy to share their music with others. When the PSR Tutorial was launched, Yamaha had just introduced the new PSR-2000 series replacing the PSR-740 model. The PSR-9000 was the top of the line arranger keyboard at that time.

On these Yamaha arranger keyboards, it was relatively easy to create a midi file capturing a player's performance. So, I asked aspiring Performers to submit a "volume" of 10 midi songs and I would then provide them their own PSR Performer page on the web site. The requirement to submit 10 songs was intended to narrow the candidates down to more serious and dedicated players. That strategy worked and the PSR Performers section grew rapidly.

A Wealth of MIDI songs

Many performers submitted multiple volumes of songs, so you will find thousands of midi files available in these pages. Over time, players upgraded their keyboards and new PSR performers joined the group. As a result, you will find songs from a wide variety of Yamaha arranger keyboards from those early mid-range models up to and including the latest PSR-S series and Tyros models.

The Evolution to MP3

The Yamaha keyboards since the introduction of the Tyros3 (shown here) and the PSR-S910 made it easier for players to create MP3 files. It was still easy to create a midi file, but midi files created on a Yamaha keyboard sounded best when played back on a similar Yamaha keyboard. A midi file played on a computer, which did not have the wonderful instrument voices of the arranger keyboards, could not accurately reproduced the original performance.

By contrast, an MP3 file not only provided a good rendering of the performance, it could be played by anyone whether they had a Yamaha keyboard or not. Thus, a performer submitting a half dozen or more MP3 songs could be added to the PSR Performers section. Therefore, the performer's pages in this section may have midi songs or MP3 songs or both.

Archived Performer Pages

You may have already visited the PSR Performer pages. New songs are added regularly in that section and it is easy to sample and or download any of the songs provided there. New PSR Performers also appear in those pages.

All the archived performers were originally appeared under the current PSR Performers. Many continued adding new songs to their pages over several years. However, when no new songs were added over a two and a half year period, the performer page was moved over to the archived section. The performer biography may be a bit out of date and, unfortunately, some performers are no longer with us, but their music is still available and timeless.

On each performer page, you will find a picture of the performer and a brief musical biography. A bar at the top of the page (like the one shown above) shows the keyboard songs available on that page. MP3 songs are shown in a list below the artist's picture. Clicking on any of these songs should launch an MP3 player on your computer so you can listen to and/or download the song. Any midi songs from thqt performer are shown in a separate table that includes the tempo and style used to create the song.

While individual midi songs can be downloaded by right-clicking, all of a performer's midi songs can be downloaded in a single large zip file. These midi songs should play on any Yamaha keyboard you may have.

Note that ALL of the MP3 songs added to PSR Performer pages in a one or two year period are available in individual Song Collections. If you are interested in a particular song in MP3 format, check the alphabetcial list of MP3 songs in the Songs > MP3 Files section. For an alphabetical list of all the midi songs, check out the Songs > MIDI Files section.


All the archived performer names are shown in the sidebar shown on the right side of this page arranged alphabetically by first name. Click on any name to go to that player's page.

There are "Next" and "Previous" buttons provided at the top of each performer page. Those buttons will take you to the next (or previous) performer in the alphabetical list.

While Yamaha arranger keyboards have improved over all these years, you may be surprised at how good the music is from all of these keyboards, even the earliest models. So be sure to take advantage of these "archived" pages. There are thousands of MP3s available as well as thousands of midi files.