PSR-3000, PSR-2000

(Jun, 2002) - Warren "Tresclub" Peters, and his wife of 48+ years Revel, are both retired and currently reside in Oroville, CA USA (Just South of Paradise). They have a son in Anaheim, CA, a daughter in Huntington Beach, CA, and a daughter in Lemon Grove, CA, and seven grandchildren. Warren was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1937 and raised in Ontario, CA (1946-1982). He graduated from Chaffey High School in 1955 and then played professional baseball for 5yrs, 1956-60. (Had a cup of coffee with the San Diego Padres in 1960.) Warren worked in the California Department of Corrections 13+ years.

Musical Background. I started out playing a tenor guitar in college back in '56, doing Kingston Trio and Four Freshmen stuff in a quartet that included Terry Kirkman, who wrote most all the songs for The Association. I also got to play in a "front room" jam session with Terry and Frank Zappa.

Then it was on to 6-string electrics, playing for my own enjoyment. In '75, my wife and I started doing nightclub gigs, so I got a Les Paul and played it through an Ames 200w piggy-back amp that had 4-12" speakers, and an Ames pa system that had 2 4-speaker towers. Talk about overkill. We did that for 3-4 months, then she decided the "thrill was gone," and she didn't want to do that anymore. So, I got together with a couple of other musicians, and with our 14yr old Son on drums, we did some parties and concerts the rest of that summer. I met Johnny Fortune that same summer. He was giving guitar lessons in the same store where I bought all my equipment. He heard me playing his Soul Surfer song, and came to see who was butchering it so bad (lol). His Soul Surfer recording was on the charts for 27 weeks in 1963. Played bass in the Johnny Fortune Trio for 3½ yrs. When John decided to go to seven nights a week, I switched places with a bass player in a C&W band. Played with the Black Water Rose band for almost 2 years. My last night on a stage was a New Years Eve party in 1981 at Knott's Berry Farm. The band broke up the next day, never saw or heard from any of them ever again. Two weeks later, job took me to San Diego, and I never touched a guitar again. Gave my bass, a Gibson ES-335, to our Son.

Years later, I took up messing around on a mini-keyboard, a Yamaha ???, 350 I think, or something like that. A little bitty thing compared to what we have now. Progressed up to a 450, then a 500, then a 740, and now my 2000. I really regret now that I never had any formal music training, like piano. It's all been by ear. Haven't learned the multi-track thing as yet, all my recordings are 1-finger style "live," and for now, that is working out real good. Just recently started learning some of the more "exotic" chords (for me)... dims, augs, etc. I've been playing it 1-finger for so long, trying to use three fingers can sometime be a real pain in the patoot.

The keyboard playing has always been purely for the enjoyment of my wife and I, and sometimes family and friends; however, I'm getting the entertainer bug again, and the wife and I are going to start doing the hospital/nursing home, community events circuit here real soon, including possibly an audition for one of the local casinos.

I am not an "arranger," and I am certainly not in the same league with the performers already presented here. I haven't even scratched the surface of what the 2000 is really capable of, and I will probably never get to the same level as those who have mastered it's potential; but, it serves to give me great pleasure when I'm not playing computer golf, running my online baseball league, reading, or chasing Revel around the house (and not necessarily in the order).

My interview with Golfcom in 1998:

Note: In January of 2006, I sold my 2000, and got a 3000. I am like a kid with a new toy!!!

warren's MIDI Songs

midi Warren provided 68 songs in midi format. These were created on the PSR-2000 (2k). Individual songs are shown in the table below and any one song can be downloaded by right-clicking on the song link. The table displays the song title, tempo (T), time signature (TS), lyrics (L), chords (C), where possible, the style used, the original volume (V), and the keyboard used (K). You can download all of Warren's 68 MIDI songs here:

Warren's MIDI songs
Title T TS L C Style V K
All Of Me 130 4/4 N Y BigBandMed2 01 2k
Amarillo By Morning 125 4/4 N Y CountryShuffle 03 2k
Anniversary Waltz 136 3/4 N Y BandWaltz 01 2k
Before The Next Teardrop Falls 86 4/4 N Y CntyBallad82 03 2k
Begin The Beguine 113 4/4 N Y GD#6/Beguine 03 2k
Big Band Jam 180 4/4 N Y BigBandFast1 03 2k
Blue Bayou 100 4/4 N Y 8BeatAdria 01 2k
Blue Moon 80 4/4 N Y 6-8ModernEP 07 2k
Born To Lose, Worried Mind 130 4/4 N Y JazzClub 05 2k
Bye Bye Blues 148 4/4 N Y BigBandMed2 01 2k
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon 118 4/4 N Y GD3Desifanada 04 2k
By The Time I Get To Phoenix 79 4/4 N Y KN1Orch_Ballad 05 2k
Cherokee Fiddle 115 4/4 N Y Hoedown 05 2k
City Of New Orleans 148 4/4 N Y CountryPop1 04 2k
Crazy 75 4/4 N Y Crazy 04 2k
Cross-Tie Walker 100 2/4 N Y ChickenPickin 03 2k
Detour 128 4/4 N Y Hoedown 03 2k
Dream 140 4/4 N Y BossaNova1 01 2k
Dream 106 4/4 N Y BigBandMid2 07 2k
Folsom Prison Blues 105 4/4 N Y CowboyBoogie 04 2k
God Bless America 185 4/4 N Y BigBandFast2 04 2k
God Bless America 75 4/4 N Y ModBrdwyBld64 05 2k
Guitar Jammin 148 4/4 N Y CountryPop1 01 2k
Hawaiian Wedding Song 111 4/4 N Y LarryHawaiian 05 2k
He Stopped Loving Her Today 82 4/4 N Y CountryBallad 03 2k
I Don't Know Why 72 4/4 N Y GD3Misty 07 2k
If 68 4/4 N Y PianoBallad 05 2k
It's Now Or Never 112 4/4 N Y GD5Tangerine 05 2k
It Was Almost Like A Song 85 4/4 N Y CntyBallad82 04 2k
Just A Matter Of Time 70 4/4 N Y BluesBallad99 05 2k
Last Farewell, The 68 4/4 N Y PianoBallad 02 2k
Look At Us 82 4/4 N Y CntyBallad82 05 2k
Love Me Tender 70 4/4 N Y CntyBallad82 05 2k
Make The World Go Away 82 4/4 N Y CntyBallad82 06 2k
Meditation 120 4/4 N Y T2KBossaNova2 03 2k
Mr Sandman 170 4/4 N Y T2KBBandF1 07 2k
My Blue Heaven 130 4/4 N Y BigBandMed2 01 2k
Okie From Muskogee 128 4/4 N Y Hoedown 06 2k
Old Rugged Cross 92 4/4 N Y 8BeatModern 06 2k
Ol' Man River 108 4/4 N Y 01 2k
Once In A While 100 4/4 N Y BecauseofYou 07 2k
On The Sunny Side Of The Street 95 4/4 N Y 02 2k
Over The Rainbow 70 4/4 N Y 6-8Orchestral 01 2k
Roll Out The Barrel 220 4/4 N Y Dixieland1 04 2k
Rose, The 68 4/4 N Y PianoBallad 06 2k
Rose Of San Antone 91 2/4 N Y ChickenPickin 03 2k
Sentimental Journey1 72 4/4 N Y T2KOrchJazzBld72 06 2k
Sentimental Journey2 200 4/4 N Y T2KSwinginBB200 06 2k
Sentimental Journey3 99 4/4 N Y UsingRanch99 06 2k
Six Days On The Road 140 4/4 N Y CountryPop1 03 2k
Spanish Eyes 120 4/4 N Y RBossa120 04 2k
Speak Softly Love 100 4/4 N Y 8BeatAdria 01 2k
Stardust 85 4/4 N Y BigBandBallad 02 2k
Swinging Doors 164 4/4 N Y CountryShuffle 04 2k
Take It Easy 148 4/4 N Y CountryPop1 06 2k
This Magic Moment 106 4/4 N Y SlowBossa 02 2k
Together Again 85 4/4 N Y 6-8ModernEP 02 2k
Tresblues (c) 70 4/4 N Y 6-8Blues 02 2k
Treshoedown 128 4/4 N Y Hoedown 07 2k
Tresnova 120 4/4 N Y BossaNova 07 2k
Trespicken 91 2/4 N Y FingerPickin 07 2k
Treswarm (c) 100 4/4 N Y 02 2k
What A Friend We Have 80 4/4 N Y 07 2k
Wind Beneath My Wings 66 4/4 N Y 02 2k
Yesterday 80 4/4 N Y 02 2k
You Asked Me To 178 4/4 N Y 04 2k
You Don't Know Me 70 4/4 N Y LoveSong 02 2k
You've Got A Friend 80 4/4 N Y 6-8ModernEP 07 2k