There are many sites on the internet where you can download files that can be used with the PSR or Tyros keyboards. Our Links section will point you to some of the best. In the downloads provided at this site, we initially focused on files specifically designed for or tuned-to the PSR-2000 since that was the newest Yamaha arranger keyboard. Over the years, Yamaha introduced new arranger keyboards and the PSR Tutorial expanded as it tried to keep up. Today you will find files here that you can use on any of the mid-range Yamaha arranger keyboards (from the PSR-730 up through the latest PSR-S975). You will also find files for the top-level arranger Yamaha arranger keyboards from the PSR-8000 up to the latest Tyros5 and Genos models.


This part of the PSR Tutorial includes six major sections, each of which may contain one or more subsections. Use the six tabs under "Styles" to jump immediately to the section you are interested in. A brief description of each section is provided below. You will find an additional "navigator" shown in a sidebar on the left side of the page. It shows the major subsections and provides another "quick link" to help you explore all the treasures found here. Click the top-level "Styles" link on any of these pages to return to this Styles home page.


This section has 21 pages reflecting the many Yamaha arranger keyboard models starting with the PSR-730 introduced in 1997 and extending to the current top models, the Genos, introduced in 2017, and the PSR-S975 introduced in 2018. The primary focus is, of course, on styles, both the original styles that came with that model as well as other style sets that have been specifically "tuned" for use on that model.

Gig Disks

18 Pages here reflect the individual performers who contributed their gig disks. Many players prefer styles named after a suitable song. That is the essence of the "Gig Disks" put together initially by Gary Diamond. Over the years, many other performers have contributed to this section. Just load the "song" you want and the keyboard is instantly set up to sound great for that song. Registrations are also used to configure a keyboard to play particular songs so this section may also contain registration sets used to support performance.


19 pages of various style collections are found here. Some owners spend a lot of time collecting styles from the internet and saving the best that they find. You will find several such style collections in this section. Some players not only collect styles, but they do a lot of "tweaking" to rework styles to their own liking or keyboard. Style sets from several style "converters" are also available here. Finally, Onacimus has painstakingly converted many of the original Yamaha style sets for use on later (or earlier) keyboards. His conversions are all here as well.

Other Keyboards

You do not have to limit yourself to only those styles created by Yamaha. Styles from other arranger keyboards, although not directly usable on a Yamaha keyboard, can be converted for use on PSR keyboards. Separate pages for keyboards from Technics, Roland, Ketron, and Korg offer hundreds of styles converted and re-tuned for use on Yamaha keyboards.

Multipad Files

5 performers have contributed their multipad files and ideas. A multipad can greatly enhance the styles included with your PSR or Tyros.  Like styles, you can load additional multipads and thus expand the options available to use with your styles.

Other Files

While "styles" are the focus of this Styles section, there are other kinds of files Yamaha owners may find useful and these are included under the "Other Files" tab.

A Note on Styles

There are literally tens of thousands of styles available at the PSR Tutorial. They are provided in small sets of styles compressed into a single zip file. To get the styles on your keyboard, you first download the zip file, then unzip it to get to the underlying style files. These style files are then copied from your computer to a USB drive or a floppy disk for use on your Yamaha keyboard. Note that it is also possible to simply order one or more of the PSR Tutorial style collections on a USB drive and you get thousands of styles sent to you on that drive, unzipped and ready to use on your keyboard.

Style sets are often related to style genres usually reflecting those found on your keyboard (ballad, ballroom, country, etc). Style sets are also often distinguished by the model of keyboard the style was created for or on. Generally, styles made for one Yamaha keyboard will also play on another Yamaha keyboard. However, Yamaha's style format (SFF1) changed in 2008 to a new format (SFF2). Keyboards after 2008 could play either SFF2 or SFF1 styles. Keyboards before 2008 could not directly play styles in the new format.

Fortunately, users can modify styles and create their own styles. While it is rare for a user to create a new style from scratch, it is not rare for users to "tune" a style from a different keyboard so that it sounds great on his/her keyboard. There are thousands of these "conversions" here. Whether you have a new Yamaha keyboard or one that is 10 or more years old, you will find thousands of styles here that you can play on your keyboard.

Accessing Files

If you are new to downloading, zipping and unzipping, and even working with a USB drive, you may want to review some detailed instructions on How to Access Files in Collections. Although this tutorial focused on Styles #9, even if you ordered some other collections, these instructions and screen shots may prove useful.


This page updated on June 4, 2021 .