Any experinced Yamaha enthusiast knows that there are thousands of styles available from many sources on the internet. Some users spend a good deal of time collecting these styles. Other users like to tune up styles, perhaps originated on other keyboards, for use on the PSR. This section holds a number of these "style collections" as well as converted or special-purpose styles. All told, you will find over 63,000 styles in this section.

Style Collectors

Bart Kuijer, Charley, Harry T, Henni, Jeff, and John Vernon provided their style collections. Bart's is a bit different since he renamed and characterized the styles by style genre, e.g. ballad1, ballad2, etc. Charley selected various "Gems" he discovered on the internet. Harry converted his Tyros2 collection for use on the new Tyros3. Henni has provided not only his original, extensive, collection, but also conversions of that collection for use with the Tyros2 and Tyros3. John has an enormous collection, which I have divided into sets for earlier keyboards with only 2 variations, a set with 4 variations, but no OTS, and a set with 4 variations including OTS.

Style Converters

Brian has converted many styles, mainly from other manufacturer's keyboards, for use on his PSR9000 as well as other PSR keyboards. You'll find Brian's conversions here as well as on the relevant keyboard page.

Chris has a large collection of styles he has tuned specifically for his Yamaha keyboards, the Tyros, Tyros2, and Tyros3.

Daria has been converting styles from other keyboards for some time. These conversions are for the PSR-3000 but should work on other keyboards as well.

Drake still performs with his PSR-2000, but he has taken advantage of new styles introduced in the Tyros2/3 and the PSRS900/S910 and converted them for use on the 2000. You'll find 500 of these newer styles for PSR-2000 owners in Drake's conversions.

Eileen has done a great many conversions for the PSR and Tyros keyboards. Eileen currently has a Tyros3 keyboard and her conversions include some uniquely for the Tyros3. Additional conversions by Eileen are found in the Other Kbds section.

Ian, a long-time Yamaha demonstrator, has been creating his own styles since the PSR-8000 through to the Tyros4. Ian's current styles are from the PSR-S910 and the Tyros4 and should play on other SFF2 instruments.

Onacimus has converted a great many original Yamaha styles for use on other Yamaha keyboards, for example, converting the PSR-740 styles so that they play on a PSR-3000 and sound like they did on the 740. Onacimus' conversions are also found on the corresponding keyboard page as well as on his summary page in this section.

Classic Standard Style Archive is a new collection currently in progress that converts styles from the First Generation of Yamaha keyboards for use on the Next Generation and the New Generation.

Next Generation Style Archive includes two levels. The first level includes SFF1 styles of TYROS, CVP-309, PSR-3000, PSR-S700 and PSR-S550 available in two sets: Top Model and Midrange. The second level includes SFF1 Styles of TYROS2 (T2), CVP-409 (C4) and PSR-S900 in two sets: Top Model and Midrange. These are the last batch of SFF1 arranger Keyboards.

New Generation Style Archive includes at the Basic Level SFF2 Styles of TYROS3 (T3), CVP-509 (C5), and PSR-S910. These are the first batch of SFF2 arranger Keyboards. This archive is currently under development.

Patrick has developed quite a few unique styles for the music generally played in his country, New Caledonia. Patrick's page has his styles plus a jukebox featuring several of Patrick's original compositions.

Peter, using his Tyros5, has tackled the challenge of converting the Genos styles for use with the Tyros5 keyboard. He also converted the Genos multipads and used them in his Genos conversions.

Christmas Styles

Once a year, many players start practicing their Christmas songs. This section includes many styles that can be used for your Christmas concerts. Many of these styles sets may be found in other areas, such as other collections here as well as the Gig Disk section. However, they are all included here for your convenience.

Other Style Collections

This final subsection contains a number of smaller collections:


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