cartoon of man pounding an upright pianoStyles are an important feature of arranger keyboards and so any owner of arranger keyboards is always anxious to find more styles they can use. But there are other files that can also be useful to PSR owners. Unfortunately, some of these other file types may be keyboard specific and they may be restricted to those models only. But, there are now utilities that can help you convert some of these files.

The Music Finder Database (MFD), like preset styles, is saved in the firmware of the keyboard and can never be erased. However, the database can be modified, records edited, deleted, or added, and new versions of the database saved in the user or USB areas. Additionally, new databases can be loaded and completely replace the current MFD. That's good since the preset MFDs have altered song names and the first thing many users will want to do is replace that MFD with one that has correct song names. You'll find them in this section.

The Registration files, which save a whole host of internal settings of the keyboard, are specific to the keyboard used to create the registration file. Therefore, we provide separate registration pages for PSR-2000, Tyros and PSR-3000 owners. Note, however, that with Murray Best's Registration File Manager program, you can easily convert registrations created on one keyboard for use on another Yamaha arranger keyboard.

Voice files may work across machines, but they may not sound exactly like the originals. A voice file is based on the internal sound engine in the keyboard. The parameters that are used to impact that sound will produce different results if different keyboards have a very different basic sound engine. You will hear the voice as the creator intended only if you have a comparable keyboard. If it is different, the voice may or may not sound correct.

If you have developed some multipads or voice files or special registrations, why not send them in to me, Joe Waters, ( and share them with other PSR and/or Tyros owners.

This page updated on February 16, 2024 .