As each new Yamaha arranger keyboard model is introduced, it seems like the available preset voices become more and more realistic. The "Super Articulation" voices on the Tyros3, and now the PSR-S910 are extraordinary. The introduction of the "Sweet", "Live", and "Cool" voices were a big step up in their day.

All of these preset voices are produced by the sound engine that is built into the arranger keyboard. You can not simply copy a super articulation "voice" from the Tyros3 and move it to the PSR-2000. Users, however, can "adjust" the preset voices and save new versions of these voices. The voices are produced by setting a variety of different "parameters" from which the sound engine creates the voice. When you, as a user, modify some of these parameters, you can dramatically change the voice that the keyboard is producing. You can also SAVE your modified voices. What you are actually saving, however, is a file containing the changes you made to the original set of voice parameters. When you load your modified "voice", the system loads the standard preset voice and then applies the parameter changes from your voice file and thus reproduces your saved voice sounds.

That's what you will find in this section on Voices. Voice files that contain parameter changes to the preset voices in your keyboard. These files, too, tend to be keyboard specific. So, if you have a Tyros, the voice provided by Mike under the "Tyros" tab will work on your keyboard. The voices provided by Richard Peck under the PSR-2000 tab, are meant for a PSR-2000. Note that they may also work on the PSR2100 (and later), but they may not produce the exact same sounds intended. Henni has an S950 now (he earlier had a PSR-3000) and his voices are drawn from various sites on the internet. I've tried many of them on the Tyros5 and they played fine on that keyboard. Onacimus Sahayam, who has provided a lot of style conversions for many of the Yamaha keyboards, is also providing here OrganFlute voices from some keyboards adjusted for use on many additional keyboards.

Sampled Voices

Some of the high-end arranger models can load additional sampled voices and have complete new "preset" voices for their instruments. None of the voices in this section are new "sampled" voices.

This page updated on February 16, 2024 .