Changes in Registration Manager V 5.11

(26 March 2018) Version 5.11 of the Registration Manager is now available. This version corrects a number of inconsistencies in processing Genos registrations discovered after the release of version 5.1. Most of these problems related to the conversion of Song and Audio of previous keyboards to the Genos Song A and B format, and handling of Genos song data within the Editor.

New features in V5.11 include:

Other corrections and updates:

Registration Manager Features

This program can be used for the following tasks:

This program can be used with the following keyboards:

Download Program and Documentation

Click here for V 5.11 of the Yamaha Registration Manager. Complete English documentation is included in a pdf file. There is also a German version of the documentation. Direct any comments or questions to Murray Best. You can also contact Murray through the PSR Tutorial Forum (murrayb).

For Genos 2.0, SX900 and SX700 a revision of the program is available at the following link:  If you are already using version 5.1.1, follow the instructions in the included text file.  If you are new to YRM, install version 5.1.1 first, then update with this file.  This update has been created specifically for Genos 2.0 and the new SX keyboards so that YRM can deal with a new and different file header record.  The other target keyboard do not require this update.

This page updated on July 6, 2020.