Joe Maas started many years ago with a single program known as One Man Band. Now Joe has developed an entire suite of MIDI software programs on his web site that solve a variety of keyboard player problems. Below is a brief summary of his current programs. Click on any program name to go to Joe's site for a more detailed description and to download the program.

One Man Band Essentials

One Man Band is the software version of the digital music instruments known as arranger keyboards, home keyboards and workstations. It creates auto-accompaniment based on the played chords and it adds auto-harmony to the played melody. Chords and melody can be played in real time in the Live Window, with or without a connected MIDI keyboard controller or pre-entered in the Sequencer Window. It utilizes standard style files compatible with the styles used in Yamaha PSR, DGX and Tyros arranger keyboards. There are thousands of these styles available on internet and the included style editor can be used to tweak existing and create new styles.

One Man Band Originals

One Man Band Originals transforms all (piano, synthesizer) keyboards into arranger keyboards with real time chord recognition. It creates complete MIDI music-arrangements with just simple drag and drop operations. It utilizes, modifies and creates styles in Yamaha format.


Busker is a complete set of tools to create musical arrangements from sheet music (chords + melody staff). It uses Yamaha compatible styles (thousands can be downloaded for free) for auto-accompaniment. Once you enter the song, you can easily play it with many different styles and try different multi voices with auto-harmonies.

MIDI plugins

MIDI plugins are for Cakewalk/Sonar and compatibles. MIDI plugins also known as MIDI effects (MFX) add extra functions to your Cakewalk sequencer. They can be used in any Cakewalk version that supports MIDI effects, including but not limited to Sonar and Music Creator. Auto-accompaniment and auto-harmony are popular features in arranger keyboards. Some digital pianos now also come with these functions. Auto-accompaniment provides a complete band with drums, bass and other instruments that play according to the chords that are pressed with the left hand on the keyboard. Auto-harmony adds harmonies to the melody played with the right hand, that fit in the chords played with the left hand.


Serenade enables you to create Karaoke files from MIDI files. Serenade is a tool to add text to a midi file (.mid) and create a karaoke file (.kar). This can be the original text of the song but also a text that you created for a special occasion (wedding, good-bye-party etc.). The text is edited in a normal text format, you can copy and paste it from any web page or word processor. The words are inserted with the Ctrl-key while the midi file is playing . The resulting karaoke file can be played in Serenade with large scrolling display or in any other midi karaoke player (e.g. Vandals or a Yamaha Tyros keyboard).

Serenade for CD

Serenade for CD adds karaoke text to ordinary CD's. The text is edited in a normal text format, you can copy and paste it from any web page or word processor. The words are placed at the correct time by using the Ctrl-key while the CD is playing.

Serenade for MP3

Serenade for MP3 adds karaoke text to ordinary mp3 and wave files (extensions .mp3 and .wav). The text will be saved in a file with the same name as the original audio file but with a different extension (.srm). The text is edited in a normal text format, which you can copy and paste from any web page or word processor. The words are placed at the correct time by using the Ctrl-key while the audio file is playing.

MIDI Programming Language

MIDI Programming Language (MPL) is a tool to make changes to MIDI files in batch and to process (send and receive) MIDI messages in real time. You can use it to automate your MIDI file editing work. Or build your own real time MIDI tools, like sequencers or arpeggiators.

Follow Me

Follow Me is a songbook without notes. It will help you learn to play without note reading - Music teaching by example. It shows you how to put your fingers on your instrument. The fingerings are available for keyboard (melody and chords), recorder (melody) and guitar (chords).

Chord Player

Chord Player is a tool that will play the chords on an arranger keyboard so that you will have both hands available for melody playing and style-variation switching.

Band Minus One

Band Minus One is an extremely easy to use accompaniment maker. Just enter a chord sequence and choose a style. You can use the many thousands of styles in Yamaha format that are available on internet. The accompaniment can be recorded to create a CD with backing tracks. The software is meant for singers and all instrument players.

This page updated on February 15, 2024.