(24 August 2011) - HI  everyone!  My name is Steen Smollerup Rasmussen and I was born in April 1947 and I now live in Køge – a town approximately 24 miles south of Copenhagen, Denmark. I worked as a regional sales manager until my retirement.

I started playing music when I was 9 – it was in the elementary school with a small flute (recorder). At the age of 14, I bought an accordion, but after two years, I sold it and bought a guitar. As many other boys did in the 60s, I had a dream to be the new Hank B. Marvin from The Shadows. I and two other boys formed a small band.

Now we jump to 1980 where I bought my first of three Yamaha organs. I still have the model D65. Here in 2013 I sold my two vintage ELKA organs X705 and X1000 - they were too heavy to carry around.

In 2012, I began looking at Yamaha keyboards. In a second hand shop I bought a PSR-E403, and later a PSR-S550. Today, I have a PSR-S910 and also a Yamaha MM6.

I am a self-taught organ and keyboard player and, for the moment, I mostly play for fun, but I also have some small jobs at private parties.

(23 Feb 2021) Over the past 4 years I have bought a Tyros 4 and a Tyros 5/76, which I now play on. I still have the PSR 910 but I am selling the MM6