(June, 2018) Hi! My name is Yuriy, I'm from Ukraine. My musical studying began with clarinet in 1995. I got interested into keyboards in  2000 with Ensoniq SD1 (which I borrowed just for a few days) and my own Vermona Formation 2 (2 tier electro-organ). I fell in love with Yamaha's XG and MIDI programming also after purchasing YMF754 soundcard for my computer and short after (in 2001) a PSR-290 keyboard. After that I just couldn't get enough, my shortlist of synth, which I played during 15 years can be found here (description in right column).  I released 6 albums with my two bands Soundform and Practical Senses.

Currently, I'm recreating my songs in MIDI format to play along with Yamaha PSR-E363 and guitar. All my songs are also available on my Youtube channel.

"Practical Senses" on the forum

Yuriy's MIDI Song Index

midiYuriy has provided 10 songs in midi format. These were created on the PSR-E363. Individual songs are shown in the table below and any one song can be downloaded by right-clicking on the song link. You can download all of Yuriy's MIDI songs in this file: The list below shows the song title along with the tempo and time signature.

Title Tempo TS
Ashes Of Delight 120 4/4
Backward Initialization 120 4/4
Crab Crap 160 4/4
Dyvuvalas Zyma 110 4/4
Harpsichord And Noise Of The Marine Waves 140 4/4
Nahylylas Verba 120 4/4
Son (Night"s Repose) 120 4/4
Vermona 120 4/4
w01R_Guitar 140 4/4
w2018__Harp 125 4/4