CVP-309, CVP-209
Alex Kruger

(Nov, 2003) I am 72 years old and retired. I was born and raised in The Netherlands and came to the USA at the age of 23. Lived in New York City, Newark, N.J. Then got married and moved to Columbus, Ohio. I have two grown children (boy and girl) and a stepson. My wife Lynn and I recently built a house in Smiths Grove, Kentucky and moved there in 2004. We hope to get some horses and just enjoy life.

Musical Background: s far as my musical background, there isn't any! I have always enjoyed listening to music of all genres, but never took time to learn to play any instrument. I always enjoyed Hammond organ music and a couple of years ago I saw a CD by Klaus Wunderlich. I had listened to him in the "Old Country" when he played a plain old organ. When I bought the CD and started to listen, I wondered when the organ music was going to start. That is when I got introduced to digital organs and they fascinated me. In 2001, I went out and bought a Roland Atelier80 organ. It gave me an excellent start into the world of music, but it would not do exactly what I wanted, like multiple voicing. A year later, I was introduced to a Yamaha CVP and I was totally sold. And with the help of this fantastic website, I have learned a lot. I will never be as gifted as the other performers in the group, but I play for my own entertainment and I have a splendid time doing it.

Now I regret that I never learned to read music. I use fake books and play by ear. My grand-daughter, who is 10, started to play saxophone in school and I give her all the encouragement that I can.

Life would be pretty dull without music.

--- Alex Kruger

Update: March, 2008 - Alex now has a CVP309GP. (JW)

Alex's MIDI Songs

MIDI Songs Alex provided 10 songs in midi format. These were created on the CVP-309 or CVP-209. Individual songs are shown in the table below and any one song can be downloaded by right-clicking on the song link. You can download all of the MIDI songs in this file: The table displays the song title, tempo (T), time signature (TS), lyrics (L), chords (C), where possible, the style used, the original volume (V), and the keyboard used (K).

Alex's MIDI songs
Title T TS L C Style V K
Autumn Leaves 115 4/4 N Y RockChaCha 02 C3
Blue Hawaii 85 4/4 N Y Hawaiian 00 C2
Can't Help Falling In Love 60 4/4 N Y 01 C2
Cheek To Cheek 175 4/4 N Y Quickstep 01 C2
Dancing In The Dark 120 4/4 N Y OrchBigBand2 02 C3
Do-Re-Mi 135 4/4 N Y Showtune 01 C2
Edelweiss 96 3/4 N Y 00 C2
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows 115 4/4 N Y 02 C3
Love Letters In The Sand 108 4/4 N Y SlowFox 01 C2
Memory 52 4/4 N Y 6-8Orchestral 00 C2
Moon River 86 3/4 N Y 01 C2
More 110 4/4 N Y ComboRumba 01 C2
Only Love 64 4/4 N Y 02 C3
Schubert 116 4/4 N Y 02 C3
Schwarzwaldfahrt 92 4/4 N Y 02 C3
September Song 88 4/4 N Y EasyListening 02 C3
So In Love 140 4/4 N Y 02 C3
Someone To Watch Over Me 80 4/4 N Y 02 C3
Sunrise Sunset 80 3/4 N Y PopWaltz 00 C2
S'Wonderful 130 4/4 N Y BigBandMid2 01 C2
This Nearly Was Mine 106 3/4 N Y Cool8Beat 01 C2
Till There Was You 68 4/4 N Y 02 C3
Unforgettable 86 4/4 N Y MidnightSwing 01 C2
Way You Look Tonight, The 104 4/4 N Y MidnightSwing 01 C2