(January, 2005) My name is Alan Paganelli. I was born and raised in East Chicago, Indiana, a small town in the northwest corner of the state in 1948.

I have played professional music starting around the age of 13 years old. I retired in 1981. Although I never went to school to study music, I did take private lessons until I left to travel on the road in 1970 with a band. I cut my teeth on an old Hammond B3 organ. I did some work back in the mid 60's as a concert organist for Hammond organ. This is where I fell in love with the demo concert. People need to hear that music can be, and is, fun to play. It was my job to present that to them. I found that the best way to do that was to make the music easy. Keep the style of playing down to the basics. Let the music speak for itself.

My interests in music span country, pop music of the 30's and 40's, as well as the music of the 50's and 60's. My main focus though is on the 30's and 40's. I retired from playing nightclubs, bars, dances and the like in 1981. From there I didn't do much with music other than playing at home, for my own enjoyment. I went along till around 1992 or so, when I heard about midi. I remember hearing a Yamaha console organ reproduce the entire Glen Miller Orchestra and I fell in love with music all over again.

I started out with a Technics SX G7 organ that wasn't midi capable, but did have a 4-track sequencer, limited as it was. It ran out of memory in short order and you could only play four notes with each hand. Maddening! I next got a Yamaha PSR 6700 keyboard, which had an 8-track sequencer and I learned much more about sequencing. It quickly became obvious I needed a computer. The reason I needed the computer is because I am totally blind and I couldn't read what the screen on my keyboard was telling me. Friends told me that there was special screen reading software that could read what was happening on the screen. It took the next several years to save up the money to buy my first computer.

I went along without general midi for several more years. Finally, in 1997, I decided I wanted to share my music with my friends, but I needed a general midi instrument. I wound up trading the Technics SX G7 organ and Yamaha keyboard in on a Technics SX-KN3000 general midi keyboard. From there the KN3000 gave way to the Yamaha Tyros. I enjoy the computer and sharing music with other people. The computer lets me play music virtually all around the world with many people. It just blows my mind away when I get an email message from somebody around the world, or from the next town, saying they found one of my songs on the Internet and how much they have enjoyed my work. I find that I enjoy music even more than I did as a professional musician, because I can reach people directly now and on a one to one basis.

Thanks to PSR Tutorial and Tyros World. Being totally blind, I don't know what I would do without the help of the members of this group as well as the Tyros World group. As you may know, the Tyros manual, even in PDF format, is not very informative to a blind user with it's graphical examples and instructions making it useless. Fortunately for me, because of the help I have received from a few forward thinkers such as Craig Schiller and Michael Bedesem, I have managed one way or the other. It amazes me that there are such people out there who are willing to go above and beyond just answering a question for another user. Because of such people and others I have had a much greater experience with my Yamaha Tyros. I don't know what I would with out them all. For that reason alone I am happy to be included in your pages as a PSR Performer and on your Arranger Artists CD-ROM.

Many thanks in advance,
Alan Paganelli.

Alan's MIDI Song Index

midi Alan provided 90 songs in midi format. These were created on the Tyros1. Individual songs are shown in the table below and any one song can be downloaded by right-clicking on the song link. You can download all of the MIDI songs in this file: AP-T1.zip. . The table displays the song title, tempo (T), time signature (TS), lyrics (L), chords (C), where possible, the style used, the original volume (V), and the keyboard used (K).

Alan's MIDI songs
Title T TS L C Style V K
Apple Blossom Time 126 4/4 N Y OrchestraSwing 07 T1
Arrivederci Roma 93 4/4 N Y JapaneseFolk 08 T1
As Time Goes By 75 4/4 N Y LoungePiano 02 T1
Autumn Leaves 101 4/4 N Y 8BeatBallad 03 T1
Autumn Leaves 76 4/4 N Y 09 T1
Baby Face Medley 200 4/4 N Y TheatreOrgQStep 01 T1
Besame Mucho 128 4/4 N Y SimpleChaCha 04 T1
Blue Hawaii 86 4/4 N Y Hawaiian 05 T1
Bye Bye Blues 126 4/4 N Y OrchestraSwing 04 T1
By The Time I Get To Phoenix 68 4/4 N Y ModCntryBld2 01 T1
Call Me 84 4/4 N Y BrazillianSamba 04 T1
Careless 72 4/4 N Y EasyListening 09 T1
Carolina In The Morning 125 4/4 N Y TapDanceSwing 08 T1
Cherry Pink Apple Blossom White 123 4/4 N Y ChaCha 07 T1
Color My World 62 4/4 N Y 6-8Orchestral 03 T1
Crazy 86 4/4 N Y CountrySwing1 03 T1
Crazy Arms 119 4/4 N Y CountryPop 05 T1
Crusing Down The River 167 3/4 N Y ClassicWaltz 03 T1
Don't Take Your Love From Me 116 4/4 N Y AcousticJazz 01 T1
End Of The World, The 65 4/4 N Y 6-8SlowRock1 09 T1
Everybody Loves Somebody 90 4/4 N Y 08 T1
Fascination 82 3/4 N Y EnglishWaltz 04 T1
Fly Me To The Moon 114 4/4 N Y PopBossa2 09 T1
For The Good Times 96 4/4 N Y 02 T1
From Russia With Love 101 4/4 N Y 8BeatBallad 07 T1
Folsom Prison Blues 128 4/4 N Y Bluegrass 02 T1
Girl From Ipanema, The 140 4/4 N Y 08 T1
Love Theme From The Godfather 79 4/4 N Y JapaneseFolk 06 T1
Harbor Lights 89 4/4 N Y LoungePiano 03 T1
Have You Ever Been Lonely 105 4/4 N Y 6-8SlowRock2 06 T1
He 86 4/4 N Y PopEnka 03 T1
Healing Hands Of Time 93 4/4 N Y 09 T1
Help Me Make It Through The Night 79 4/4 N Y Cool8Beat 05 T1
I Can't Live 64 4/4 N Y LoveSong 08 T1
I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) 89 4/4 N Y MoonlightBallad 01 T1
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles 126 3/4 N Y SimpleWaltz 05 T1
In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town 224 4/4 N Y Dixieland1 02 T1
Killing Me Softly 92 4/4 N Y 60s8Beat 01 T1
Let It Be Me 80 4/4 N Y LoveSong 07 T1
Little Green Apples 77 4/4 N Y PopBallad 02 T1
Love Story 86 4/4 N Y Cool8Beat 07 T1
Margie 200 4/4 N Y TheatreOrgQStep 01 T1
Melody Of Love 86 3/4 N Y JazzWaltzSlow 06 T1
Memories (Cats) 55 4/4 N Y 07 T1
Misty 64 4/4 N Y 6-8ModernBallad 07 T1
Moonlight Serenade 82 4/4 N Y 40sBigBand 07 T1
Music Maestro Please 70 4/4 N Y CoolJazzBallad 06 T1
My Way 68 4/4 N Y PowerBallad 02 T1
Never On Sunday 154 4/4 N Y Zirtaki 04 T1
Once In A While 70 4/4 N Y 09 T1
Organ Medley 200 4/4 N Y TheatreOrgQStep 08 T1
Organ Waltz Medley 98 3/4 N N EnglishWaltz 09 T1
O Sole Mio 118 4/4 N Y 08 T1
Out In The Cold Again 70 4/4 N Y CoolJazzBallad 01 T1
Paper Roses 128 4/4 N Y CountryRock 08 T1
Piano Strings Medley 78 4/4 N Y 07 T1
Please Release Me 128 4/4 N Y 06 T1
Pretend 98 4/4 N Y EasyListening 06 T1
Proud Mary 136 4/4 N Y 09 T1
Puff The Magic Dragon 120 4/4 N Y Unplugged1 04 T1
Runaway 161 4/4 N Y CrocoTwist 01 T1
Sabor A Mi 90 4/4 N Y CubanBolero 01 T1
Satin Doll 143 4/4 N Y 02 T1
Sentimental Journey 90 4/4 N Y 08 T1
Shadow Of Your Smile, The 100 4/4 N Y BossaNova1 02 T1
Something Stupid 106 4/4 N Y 09 T1
Spanish Eyes 116 4/4 N Y SimpleRumba 04 T1
St Louis Blues 115 4/4 N Y BluesShuffle 01 T1
Strangers In The Night 115 4/4 N Y FastBossa 02 T1
Sunny 92 4/4 N Y FusionShuffle 06 T1
Talk Of The Town 75 4/4 N Y LoungePiano 04 T1
Tea For Two 120 4/4 N Y RockChaCha 06 T1
Tennessee Waltz 90 3/4 N Y SwingWaltz 04 T1
Three Polkas 128 4/4 N Y OberPolka 04 T1
Till There Was You 86 4/4 N Y 40sBigBand 06 T1
To Each His Own 87 4/4 N Y EasyListening 08 T1
To Know Know Know Him 62 4/4 N Y 6-8Orchestral 05 T1
Traces 90 4/4 N Y Cool8Beat 03 T1
Twilight Time 75 4/4 N Y LoungePiano 03 T1
Twist, The 173 4/4 N Y Twist 03 T1
Unchained Melody 78 4/4 N Y 09 T1
Waltz Medley 90 3/4 N Y EnglishWaltz 05 T1
Watch What Happens 120 4/4 N Y PopBossa2 07 T1
What Now My Love 66 4/4 N Y Enka2 06 T1
Wheels 128 4/4 N Y 60sGuitarPop 02 T1
Yellow Bird 138 4/4 N Y CarribeanRock 03 T1
Yellow Rose Of Texas, The 113 4/4 N Y 05 T1
You Don't Know Me 70 4/4 N Y BluesBallad 05 T1
You Made Me Love You 86 4/4 N Y ClassicBigBand 05 T1
You Needed Me 68 4/4 N Y LoveSong 05 T1