Alan playing the Tyros
MP3 Songs

As Tears Go By (S9)

Before The Next Teardrop Falls (vocal) (S9)

Black Coffee (vocal) (S9)

Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain (vocal) (S9)

Can't Stop Myself From Loving You (vocal) (S9)

City Lights (vocal) (S9)

Cosy (S9)

Don't Bet Your Boots (vocal) (S9)

Don't Come Cryin' To Me (vocal) (S9)

Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (vocal) (S9)

Easy Come, Easy Go (vocal) (S9)

End Of The World (vocal) (S9)

Famous Last Words Of A Fool (vocal) (S9)

Farewell Party (vocal) (S9)

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (vocal) (S9)

He's A Good Ol' Boy (vocal) (S9)

Heart, I'm Ashamed Of You (vocal) (S9)

Hey, Hey, Paula (S9)

How's The World Treating You (vocal) (S9)

I Run To You (vocal) (S9)

I'll Be There (vocal) (S9)

I'll Share My World With You (vocal) (S9)

Invitation To The Blues (vocal) (S9)

Johnny Angel (vocal) (S9)

Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye (vocal) (S9)

The Lonely Bull (S9)

Love Put A Song In My Heart (vocal) (S9)

Magic Trumpet (S9)

Make Me Your Baby (vocal) (S9)

Mama He's Crazy (vocal) (S9)

Mendocino (vocal) (S9)

Mountain Of Love (vocal) (S9)

One Pair Of Hands (vocal) (S9)

Pick Me Up On Your Way Down (vocal) (S9)

Right Or Wrong (vocal) (S9)

Rocky Top (vocal) (S9)

Send A Message To My Heart (vocal) (S9)

Slide Off Of My Satin Sheets (vocal) (S9)

Somebody Hold Me Until He Passes By (vocal) (S9)

Spanish Flea (S9)

Surf City (S9)

Sweet Memories (vocal) (S9)

Sweet Nearness Of You (S9)

Take Me To Your World (vocal) (S9)

Take Your Memory With You When You Go (vocal) (S9)

Tammy (vocal) (S9)

Tijuana Taxi (S9)

The Tips Of My Fingers (vocal) (S9)

Together Again (vocal) (T4)

Twilight Time (vocal) (S9)

Walk Out Backwards (vocal) (S9)

Walk Thru This World With Me (vocal) (S9)

We Could (vocal) (S9)

What In The World (vocal) (S9)

When A Tingle Becomes A Chill (vocal) (S9)

When Did You Stop Loving Me (vocal) (S9)

When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (vocal) (S9)

Why Not Me (vocal) (S9)

You'll Lose A Good Thing (vocal) (S9)

You're Still On My Mind (vocal) (S9)

(20 January 2011) - Hello from Lynn Rae! I live in Michigan, USA. Our state is shaped like a mitten and I live in the northern part of the thumb, so now, I guess, I'm "thumbody." Ha! I live here with my two Shih Tzu's, Bailey and Wicket. The core of our family is my husband Chris. He plays a little rhythm guitar and often joins in my fun. Between us, we have five children. Sort of a deal like the Brady Bunch although ours are all married and have flown from the nest. We also have 10 grandchildren.

I've been obsessed, you might say, with music since I was a toddler. My mother always told her friends, "Give her a piece of paper and a comb and she'll play you a song." As I grew, I learned to play a clarinet in my school's band, which helped me with learning to read music. When I was 11 years old, my parents bought me a very old used accordion. After acquiring that, it didn't take me long to set aside the clarinet. I thought that being able to get that much sound from one instrument was just amazing! (I didn't realize, at that time, that one day I'd be playing a digital instrument capable of so much more!)

When I reached the age of 21, I purchased a Cordovox and started my own band. Sadly, those haven't been manufactured for quite a few years now. They are very heavy, and being no spring chicken anymore, I don't play it too often. I've belonged to several different country bands in the past and participated in those bands with my 5-string Schecter bass. I also play a alto saxophone, bass guitar, and I know one whole song on my lap steel.

My main instrument lately is the Yamaha's PSR-S900 keyboard that I purchased one year ago. It took number one position to my other three Yamaha keyboards. (Why does one woman need four keyboards???) The dining room of our house has slowly turned into a music studio. I have lots of equipment and often friends drop by to jam along with me. What do I do in my spare time? Well, if it's warm outside, I cruise around on my 1981 Goldwing! Hurry up summer!!!!

Well, like I always say, "You can take me out of the country, but you'll never take the country out of me!"

Catch ya at the forum,
Lynn Rae