PSR-S950, Tyros3, PSR-S910

(September, 2013) I was born in London and I am 68 years old. I have two children and currently divorced. My hobbies include tennis, golf, and making films with sony vegas.

Due to poor health, I had very little schooling when I was young. I left school with no qualifications. Everything I have done since has been self taught.

I first learned three chords on a guitar at the age of seventeen and was soon entertaining people at my tennis club. I then started playing a Roland keyboard, which I learned to play by ear. Since then, I have had a PSR-S900, PSR-S910, Tyros3, and now I own the new PSR-S950. I have only ever played music as a hobby. And now I am enjoying writing my own music and songs and thought it would be nice to share with the PSR Tutorial members.

-- David Kenndy
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