(April, 2011) Hello Everyone! My name is Susie Drage and I am delighted to be part of this wonderful Forum and web site.

By way of background, I learned piano as a child, then violin, which I carried on after I finished college by joining the Kensington Symphony Orchestra in London.  Then I joined the Philbeach Society for a number of years singing amateur operatic shows in London, which was incredibly good fun.

After living and working for an insurance company in Cape Town, I returned to London, met my husband, and we have been married for 32 years and have two wonderful children, who are now in their early twenties.

Twenty years ago, we moved out of London, I started having piano lessons again and joined the Surrey Police Choir for 13 years, which was great and then, since July 2008, I have been performing concerts – 150 to date.

I have played at Student Master Classes at the Hindhead Music Centre in Surrey and my compositions have been performed in Guildford Cathedral and also on National radio (Classic FM) over a four year period.

I play both the piano and keyboard and perform vocals with the new Tyros 4, which is my latest keyboard having had two Technics Digital Clavinovas, and I now have the new Yamaha CVP 509.  Prior to my T4, I had a T2 and then a T3. I also have a 1929 Steck Grand Duo Art Piano Player and an amazing library of pianola rolls.  (Yes, we have had a few good parties!)

Due to chronic illness, I am largely housebound, so being able to share my music with you all in this way is a great privilege for me.  I love to play and sing and am relishing pushing the boundaries with my new-found knowledge with the technical aspects of my wonderful keyboard and am passionate about my music.  I also look forward to learning as much advice and guidance as I can and also inspiration from all of you, too.