(March, 2019) Hello! My name is Sergio Covarrubias, blind from birth. Musician for 14 years.

My taste for music started when I was little, but it wasn't until I was 10 years old that I was able to get my first keyboard. It was a Casio CTK120. After that, I got a Yamaha PSR-E313. That was really my first step to professional music.

I didn't study, I've learned most of the time by myself. I only took one year of piano, which I used to enrich my songs.

Passing through other brands, the one that really won my interest is Yamaha. A PSR-S650 was a great step to good musical arrangements.

I like to compose music, mostly instrumental.

I currently have a PSR-S970, and my dream is to have a Genos or a Tyros. But it will happen, I think. I hope you enjoy my music. Thank you.