(May, 2012) I started with a Conn Theater organ, then, after a few frustrating attempts with Casio keyboards, I progressed up to a PSR-7000, PSR-8000, PSR-9000, Tyros1, Tyros2, Tyros3, and now the new Tyros4. I never did take any lessons. I taught myself how to play chords to back up my vocals.

I coupled music with my interest in animation and videos. The result is the over 70 videos I now have on YouTube. All of them include my playing the Tyros3 or the Tyros4 and singing songs. (I feel that a song is not really complete without a vocal.) Many of the videos are animated -- at 86 years of age, I am a frustrated cartoonist and was always interested in animation.

Below are some of my favorites videos. Hopefully, they illustrate my "4 P's Of life-- Passion, Patience Perseverance, and Persistence.

-- Rocco
(roconi in the PSR Tutorial Forum)

If you are interested in connecting an iPad with your Tyros4, you might want to also check out Rocco's iPad2 to Tyros4 Video which explains how to connect the iPad to your Tyros and his second iPad Video that provides additional tips on how to use the iPad and the IO Connector.

There are 80+ Rocco videos on YouTube. Visit Rocco's channel to see his videos.