PSR-S910, PSR-S710

(January 2012) Hi everyone! My name is Patricia Jacobsen and I currently live in Brooklyn, New York. I joined the PSR Tutorial website about 6 months ago.  I am married and have two daughters; with six grandchildren, which I adore.  I have been a bookkeeper for most of my life until my company went out of business eight years ago.  Right now I am working as a matron for handicap children transporting them to and from school.  I work a few hours a day and I have the summer off. 

My musical background is not much. Growing up we did have a piano, but we could not afford lessons.  I used to number the keys and play a few songs, hoping one day to pursue lessons.

One year for Christmas my daughters gave me piano lessons as a Christmas present knowing how much I loved music.  I had an older man as teacher that used to play an organ for a church.  I only took lessons for six months.  That was the best present I ever received.  (You’re never too old to learn)

I am so happy I found this website, I love it and the members are so kind and helpful.  I would also like to thank Joe for all his help and encouragement to become a performer.

Patty (AlleyCat)