PSR-740 / PSR-2000
Jaap Poetsma

(July, 2002) My name is Jaap Poetsma, I'm almost 41 (I know, on the picture it looks as if I'm at least ten years younger...). I live in a nice small town, Haslett in the Netherlands, with my beloved wife and one cat. I'm happy to contribute to this wonderful website that Joe made for the Yamaha PSR 2000.

Musical Background. As a kid, I had organ lessons for some years. What I remember from those years is boring music, no fun and no freedom to express musical creativity. Many years later, in 1989, I bought my first keyboard, a Casio. Soon after that my first synthesizers came, starting with a Yamaha SY 22 and after that the still famous Korg M1. In the 90's I also had some good and high-end keyboards, but the biggest fun came when I bought the PSR 740. This instruments was so stimulating to make music that I made several original songs with it. Soon after buying the PSR 740, I joined the Yamaha-PSR-Songs group and, till this day, I enjoy being a member of this group of enthousiastic musicians.

Well, then the PSR-2000 came. I noticed that it had many more features than the 740, like an advanced mixer and sequencer. So I stepped over to the 2000. Till now I enjoy this wonderful machine. Like the 740, it stimulates me to make music every time.

In the past I played for many years on pipe organs. Real pipe organs and digital ones. Also in the past, I have played in two bands. One of them was a contemporary band that played Irish and Scottish music. This was fantastic. I think it is here where my love for this kind of music was born. In the songs below, you can hear quite some songs that have these influences. For the last years, I just play at home. And I love it. I have a very nice setup with instruments from Yamaha, Korg, and Roland. But my favorite is, without doubt, the PSR-2000.

What I like most is to make my own melodies or songs. I hardly play songs that already have been made. Just push some buttons and starting to play whatever comes up is always exciting. Some of my songs that you find on this website, use voices that only the 2000 (and 9000) have. So, if you play them in another keyboard, it will sound different and probably not so good. Songs made on the 740 had a remix on the 2000 because some volume settings had to be changed. I hope you enjoy the songs. Comments are welcome, you can send them to:

If you are going to buy a PSR-2000 or have one: congretulations!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    Jaap Poetsma

Jaap's MIDI Songs

midi Jaap provided 60 songs in midi format. These were created on the PSR-2000 (2k) or PSR-740 (74). Individual songs are shown in the table below and any one song can be downloaded by right-clicking on the song link. The table displays the song title, tempo (T), time signature (TS), lyrics (L), chords (C), where possible, the style used, the original volume (V), and the keyboard used (K). Click on this link to download Jaap's 60 MIDI files:

Jaap's MIDI songs
Title T TS L C Style V K
All Through The Night 80 4/4 N Y LoveSong 01 2k
Ave Maria 60 4/4 N N 03 2k
Back From The Fifties (c) 68 4/4 N Y 6-8SlowRock2 05 2k
Bagpipe (c) 50 4/4 N N 06 74
Birthday Midizmile (c) 148 4/4 N Y Ragtime 06 2k
Celtic (c) 100 4/4 N N 8BeatAdria 03 2k
Dutch Scotch (c) 105 4/4 N Y 01 2k
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 148 4/4 N N 04 2k
Ep Fantasie (c) 148 4/4 N N 04 2k
Evening Prayer (c) 120 4/4 N N 05 2k
Example (Rmbflamenca) 110 4/4 N Y RumbaFlamenca 01 2k
First Song 2000 (c) 64 4/4 N Y 8Beat1 01 2k
Fiscis (c) 160 3/4 N Y ViennaWaltz 05 2k
Geen Wiegje Als Rustplaats 135 4/4 N N 04 2k
Godfather 4 (c) 115 3/4 N Y GuitarSerenade 01 2k
Grand Days (c) 75 4/4 N Y 03 2k
Green Fields Of Hasselt (c), The 104 4/4 N N 8Beat1 01 2k
Happy Birthday 118 4/4 N Y 03 2k
Harp Tv 148 4/4 N N 06 2k
Hoor De Wind Waait 80 3/4 N N 04 2k
Just Fun 45 4/4 N N 03 2k
Kasatschok (c) 142 4/4 N Y 03 2k
Koraal (c) 70 4/4 N N GuitarSerenade 05 2k
Little Prayer (c) 50 4/4 N N 05 2k
Love Me Tender 60 3/4 N N SlowWaltz1 03 2k
Marching Song (c) 80 4/4 N Y USMarch 05 2k
Melody (c) 178 3/4 N N Musette 01 2k
Melody For The Heart (c) 60 4/4 N N 8Beat1 01 2k
Melody In D (c) 52 4/4 N N 05 74
Musette (c) 200 3/4 N Y Musette 01 2k
Mystery 104 4/4 N N 8Beat1 03 2k
Mystery Song (c) 100 4/4 N Y ScottishReel 04 2k
Mystery Song Again (c) 80 4/4 N Y ScottishReel 05 2k
Nts Dance (c) 123 4/4 N Y Clubdance 03 2k
Old Friend 85 3/4 N N GuitarWaltz 02 2k
Playing Accordo's (c) 142 4/4 N Y 05 74
Playing Scales (c) 120 4/4 N Y 60sGuitarPop 06 2k
Polka Japie (c) 85 4/4 N Y OberPolka 02 2k
Postoi Parovoz 104 4/4 N N 8Beat1 02 2k
Rag (c) 104 4/4 N N 8Beat1 03 2k
Sad Melody (c) 158 4/4 N N HeartBeat 06 2k
Sarabande 148 4/4 N N 04 2k
Scottish Moods (c) 85 3/4 N Y ChristmasWaltz 06 2k
Short (c) 50 4/4 N N 02 2k
Singing Flute (c) 75 4/4 N Y LoveSong 02 2k
Singing Small Accordeon (c) 70 4/4 N Y 8BeatSoft 02 2k
Sjeeps+jig (c) 200 3/4 N Y CountryWaltz 02 2k
Small Etude For Guitar 1 (c) 65 4/4 N N 05 2k
Small Etude For Guitar 2 (c) 65 4/4 N N 06 2k
Soapsong (c) 102 4/4 N Y 8BeatAdria 04 2k
Soft Chrystal 104 4/4 N N 8Beat1 04 74
Solfeggietto (c) 100 4/4 N Y 8Beat1 02 2k
Song For Eva (c) 110 4/4 N Y 06 2k
Song For Guitar (c) 104 4/4 N N 8Beat1 02 2k
Stewpot Cowboy (c) 100 4/4 N N 8Beat1 03 2k
Still Green Are The Fields Of Hasselt (c) 68 4/4 N N 8Beat1 01 2k
Tomtiedom (c) 75 4/4 N Y LoveSong 04 2k
Town I Loved So Well, The 90 4/4 N N HeartBeat 02 2k
Walzing Piano (c) 94 3/4 N Y OrchWaltz 06 2k
We Come In Peace (c) 148 4/4 N N 04 2k
William's Seven (c) 90 4/4 N N 06 2k