Genos, Tyros5, Tyros4

(Feb, 2014) - My name is Stephen "Stephenm52" Molnar and I was born in Providence, Rhode Island. I've spent most of my life in Rhode Island. I originally worked in sales first working for the local Steinway Piano and Hammond organ dealer then went on the road for 25 years as a sales rep in the consumer goods field. Eventually, in my late 40s, I went back to school to study computer and networking technology. For the last 15 years, I was the MIS manager at a law firm in the suburbs of Boston, Ma. I retired in December 2013.

For the last 7 years I've also played gigs mainly at senior centers on a part time basis. With retirement here, I have more time than ever to enjoy my Yamaha arrangers and to get out to play more gigs.

I started taking piano lessons at 11 years old and in my late teens my interest grew in music after listening to pianists Oscar Peterson and Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Thru the last 7 years I've owned, then sold quite a few arrangers, first starting with the PSR 3000, Tyros2, S900, S910. In between and for a couple of years played Korg arrangers. Got back into the Yamaha camp with the purchase of my Tyros4. Finally in 2013 Yamaha announced the Tyros5 in a 76-key model, I had been waiting for years for a 76-key model and purchased one. Then, in 2017 with the release of Genos, I moved up to the Genos, which in my opinion is the best arranger Yamaha has produced. 

This PSR site is a great resource and I've always been of the belief that I learned more here in 3 months than I could have learned on my own in year. The learning process continues.


Steve's MIDI Song Index


Steve provided 30 songs in midi format. These were created on the PSR-3000. Individual songs are shown in the table below and any one song can be downloaded by right-clicking on the song link. The table displays the song title, tempo (T), time signature (TS), lyrics (L), chords (C), where possible, the style used, the original volume (V), and the keyboard used (K). You can download all of Steve's 30 midi files here

Steve's MIDI songs
Title T TS L C Style V K
Blue Bossa 125 4/4 N Y 01 3k
Deed I Do 124 4/4 N Y AcousticJazz 02 3k
Ding Dinge Dong 145 4/4 N Y 01 3k
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying 107 4/4 N Y 03 3k
For Once In My Live 110 4/4 N Y 03 3k
Georgia On My Mind 70 4/4 N Y 03 3k
Guantanamera 118 4/4 N Y 03 3k
Here There And Everywhere 90 4/4 N Y 01 3k
How High The Moon 205 4/4 N Y FastJazz 02 3k
I Don't Want To Walk Without You 135 4/4 N Y 02 3k
I Love Paris 160 4/4 N Y 02 3k
In My Life 101 4/4 N Y 8BeatBallad 02 3k
It's All Right With Me 177 4/4 N Y 01 3k
It Was A Very Good Year 124 4/4 N N 02 3k
I've Never Been In Love Before 83 4/4 N Y 02 3k
Just A Gigolo 101 4/4 N Y 03 3k
Learnin' The Blues 124 4/4 N Y 01 3k
Mambo Inn 132 4/4 N Y 03 3k
Moonglow, Picnic 99 4/4 N Y 01 3k
Our Love Is Here To Stay 124 4/4 N Y 02 3k
Perfidia 108 4/4 N Y 03 3k
Shiny Stockings, Corner Pocket 121 4/4 N Y 02 3k
South Of The Border 122 4/4 N Y GuitarRumba 02 3k
Speak Softly Love 68 4/4 N Y 6-8ModernBallad 03 3k
Sweet Georgia Brown 183 4/4 N Y 03 3k
Taking A Chance On Love 120 4/4 N Y 01 3k
These Foolish Things 75 4/4 N Y 30sBigBand 01 3k
Till There Was You, I'll Follow The Sun 120 4/4 N Y Unplugged1 01 3k
Till There Was You 120 4/4 N Y 03 3k
Touching Affair, A 86 4/4 N N 01 3k